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Nowadays, tiles play a huge role in achieving a particular atmosphere within a room. Many popular tile designs can elevate the cosy look of your space while enhancing its functionality as well. You can check out a variety of tile designs in any reputed tile showroom in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh if you plan to boost warmth and comfort in your space. Also, read on to learn more about some popular tile design ideas for warm and cosy spaces. 

Popular Tile Designs for Warm and Cosy Interiors 

Floral Patterned Tiles 

Floral tiles have one of the most eye-pleasing designs that are often used in Indian households and business spaces. Available in a wide range of designs and shades in any good tile showroom in Bulandshahr, you can infuse a subtle sense of elegance into your space while cherishing your love for botany. For a minimalist and cosy feel, it is better to select simple floral patterns of lighter shades, like Autumn Petals or Protea Flower. 

Terracotta Tiles 

Terracotta tiles are known for their classic warm look that can effortlessly blend with modern interior designs. You can find many options in these tiles designs in red-brown hues that provide an earthy look to the space, creating an inviting and warm vibe within any space. The traditional colours of these tiles may therefore be ideal for you if you want to provide a rustic, old-space feel. In addition, there are numerous applications for them, including outdoor areas, walls, floors, and balconies. 

Textured Tiles 

To elevate the cosiness of your space, you can try to infuse plenty of textures, but of different kinds. You can go for textured tiles with beautiful designs, like stucco tiles, that you can lay on one of the walls of your living room to create an enchanting accent space while providing a treat for all senses. Also, add a patterned rug piece to elevate the cosy and welcoming vibe of the space. 

Herringbone Tiles 

These tiles come with a classic herringbone pattern that can add a decorative touch to any space. Be it your kitchen or bathroom, the V-shaped design of the tiles makes the space stand out and attract attention. This pattern is available in different tile options like wooden herringbone tiles or glossy herringbone tiles. You can use it both on walls and floors or either of them to elevate the inviting feeling of the space. 

Granite Tiles 

Granite tiles are a great alternative to natural granite. They mimic their natural granite beautifully while being more durable and strong. They are available in a wide range of neutral colours that can add a modern and cohesive look to any space. Plus, you can add Scandinavian-style furniture, rugs, curtains, and cushions to elevate the modernism of the space. 

Cement Floor Tiles 

Cement tiles are another excellent tiling option that you can explore to transform the appeal of any environment. They come in an array of designs and styles that can offer all kinds of decor styles, from simple to intricate designs. However, for a convivial vibe within your space, it is better to stick to neutral shades like beige, brown, white, and grey. 

Wooden Tiles 

Having a natural and organic aesthetic is quite a trend in the interior designing industry, and wood is one of the most widely used materials that can infuse a natural and cosy vibe to any space and elevate its aesthetic beauty. However, hardwood is not a very durable option for flooring. Instead, you should consider using wooden tiles that gracefully mimic the look of real wood but with a much higher level of durability and reliability. You can find wooden tiles in different hues – from darker to lighter, to choose from as per your needs. 

Marble Tiles 

For a timeless and royal appeal, there is nothing better than marble tiles. These tiles have a rich-looking and low-maintenance surface that comes with many finishes like glossy, satin, rocker, carving, and matte finishes. You can use these beautiful finishes to incorporate a charming look and a natural ambience to the space. 

Terrazzo Tiles 

Terrazzo tiles are another amazing tile option that you can use in both domestic and commercial spaces. They come in beautiful designs and shades, all of neutral tones that can offer a minimalistic look while providing a welcoming feel to the space. Besides simple designs, you can also find these tiles in large-patterned designs that you can lay on any wall of your room to create an eye-striking feature wall. 

Mix-and-Match Tiles 

Of course, mixing and matching different tile designs is a remarkable way to upgrade any space. Whether you want to get a simple and warm look or create a refined and modern look, you can do that beautifully by clubbing tiles of different designs, patterns, shades, and textures. By laying tiles of different kinds on your kitchen or bathroom backsplash or a feature wall in your space, you can add characters to the space while elevating its aesthetic appeal. To have a warmer and cosier room decor, it is always better to go for neutral and lighter shades and nature-inspired tiles. 


The key to creating a warm and welcoming environment is combining elegant tile designs that complement the surrounding decor items within the space, and you can use mood lighting to highlight the warmth of the space. You can visit any nearby tile showroom in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, like Orientbell Tiles Boutique, to find the best tiles for your interior decor.


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