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Bohemian rugs are unique and they provide some of the best and most engaging patterns, colors, and texture that will enhance one’s living area. Below are 15 useful tips on how to add Bohemian rugs into your home, which will make your home beautiful and cozy.

1. Layering Rugs

Layering one Bohemian rug over another or even over other carpets can give your room a different dimension and add interest. This method gives a cozier and richer appearance, which is particularly appropriate in spacious interiors where a simple rug may appear too sparse.

2. Wall Hangings

Bohemian rugs can be also used as pretty wall decorations. Not only does it safeguard them from damage and mark them, but it also adds to the aesthetic design of living rooms or bedrooms.

3. Statement Piece

Place a bold, colorful, Bohemian rug in a room with neutral tones to make it pop out. Such a contrast makes a room look more interesting and friendly, depending on the mood that the owner set for this room.

4. Entryway Charm

A great first impression can be made by placing a Bohemian rug at the entrance of a house or an office. Its patterns and bright coloured fashions will add a pleasant and fashionable ambiance as soon as people get into your house.

5. Dining Room Delight

Beside the dining table, the Bohemian rug can separate the space for the eating area and bring sophistication. Select a rug big enough to fit under the table and chairs while keeping the rug noticeable when the chairs are being used to pull out.

6. Bedroom Comfort

Place a Bohemian rug on the floor near the bed so that it can provide warmth and softness on the feet. The patterns and, especially, the textures can make waking up in the morning more luxurious, and, what is more, cozier.

7. Living Room Coziness

In the living room, lay down a Bohemian rug specifically under the coffee table since it is a seating area. This is not only useful in making the room warm but also in uniting different components of home furnishing.

8. Outdoor Spaces

Notably, Bohemian rugs can also be used outdoors. They can also be used to enhance areas such as patios or balconies in any home. Select a rug that is made of sturdy and robust material which is suitable for use in an outside living area.

9. Layering with Furniture

Lay a Bohemian rug only partially beneath items that do not necessarily need it, such as sofas or beds. This technique brings the rug into the space and the room looks intentional and well planned.

10. Hallway Runner

A slim, lengthened Bohemian rug is good for use in the hall. This continuous design visually elongates the hall and encourages the guests to move further into the designed space.

11. Bathroom Accents

Bohemian rugs are unique and colorful and the small one can be placed in the bathroom. It can bring a bit of color to a primarily utilitarian room and make your bathroom seem all the more like a luxury relaxation area.

12. Reading Nooks

Place a small Bohemian rug on the floor and add a chair or floor cushions to create a warm reading spot. This rug will play the role of the divider of the space, as well as the additional layer of softness and aesthetics to the room which is ideal for reading a book.

13. Kitchen Warmth

In the kitchen, for instance, a Bohemian rug can complement the floor and walls besides creating a colorful emphasis on a hard surface area. Make sure to put it in front of the sink or under a kitchen island in order to create the desired atmosphere.

14. Office Inspiration

To induce creativity and productivity in your home office, add a Bohemian rug. Due to the vibrant patterns and colors the environment is more lively which will make working time more interesting.

15. Mix and Match Styles

That is why it is possible to mix Bohemian rugs with other styles of furnishing without any concerns. No matter the home’s style, whether it is contemporary, classic, or rustic, it will fit perfectly and bring out the best in the decor.

Rug & Home

While there are several stores out there, getting a perfect quality, pure material bohemian rug is very important if you wish to use it in your houses or workspaces. Nobody wants a fake or artificial rug. That is why it is crucial to buy from renowned brands and stores like Rug&Home. Their bohemian rug collections are way too many that you will find every style and type of rug that would fit any and every corner of your house. 

Traditional bohemian rugs are multi-functional accessories that may bring personality, comfort, and brightness into the space. No matter your preferences and style, there are several ways through which you can incorporate these attractive rugs into your humble abode. It is possible to adjust the placement and combine them with other elements of furniture and interior design to obtain the interior of your dream that has no equals.


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