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You may have had a time in your life when you realized  that your spiritual connection  was lacking. Or you have felt a calling to explore your spirituality and what it means to you. In such times, it can be truly life-changing  to have a spiritual mentor  who supports your journey of personal and spiritual growth. You may also want to know what spirituality means to you, particularly if you have never been grounded in or even left a particular religious affiliation. You may have awakened to the fact that what you have been taught about spirituality in churches and temples doesn’t resonate for you and that there is so much more.  

A spiritual mentor will help you navigate all of these issues and will teach you how to have a direct, personal experience of and relationship to the divine, by whatever name you wish to call this cosmic force of love-light.  A spiritual mentor like Rachel mann can also help you integrate all of your prior spiritual study and experiences into something that feels fulfilling, nourishing,  and authentic. This is an important aspect of the mentoring relationship. 

Sometimes, starting a spiritual journey can feel like a huge effort with much uncharted territory, so seeking guidance can be very important to stay focused and motivated. Spiritual mentors are individuals who themselves have been in a spiritual search and healing path. They are not enlightened, but have spent years and themselves worked with spiritual mentors to find their unique understanding and expression of divinity in their lives. 

We will help you find ways to locate a spiritually awake mentor and discover the reasons you need one in your life.

Do you need a mentor?

The following reasons will answer the question: What is spiritual mentoring, and why do you need it?

  1. Mentors offer life advice and insight.

A spiritual mentor will provide life advice, a fresh viewpoint on issues, and a sounding board for ideas. Instead of giving their advice, they will support you in your own exploration. 

  1. Mentoring fosters spiritual growth through teaching.

A spiritual mentor will often offer wisdom teachings about the nature of reality, the spirit of the divine, and how our own healing and personal journey contributes to our sense of spiritual connection.  They may ask challenging questions, such as: 

  • Are you growing?
  • Are you meditating and/or praying regularly? 
  • Are you keeping a journal and paying attention to your dreams? 
  • How are your inner thoughts and feelings and your outer life shifting and changes? 
  • Are you finding new motivations based less on the pursuit of material gain and more on a desire to be kind, compassionate and in service to others? ?
  1. They lovingly speak  hard truths.

Your spiritual mentor might only sometimes speak into your life. They understand that periodically you need a nonjudgmental ear. Their understanding comes from going through similar situations, and they support you through good and terrible times. However, they will tell you the truth, which may be different from what you want to hear, but it’s done in love and to help you grow in your spiritual  knowledge and self-awareness.

  1. Mentors lead by example and help you do the same.

Among the reasons we seek out spiritual mentors is because they model a kind and compassionate presence.  They assist you in living a life in which you feel your inner and outer self are integrated. They themselves have been on a healing journey and are continuing to work on themselves. 

They should exhibit that they, too, are continuing  to grow and learn. Although they are not entirely perfect, spiritual mentors have developed a sense of trust and faith in something greater. 

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How do you find a spiritual mentor?

  1. Make a commitment 

Working with a spiritual mentor can be short- or long-term. It is important when you enlist their help, that you are willing to make a commitment to the transformational and inspiring journey with them. .. Think of it as a relationship which you cherish and nurture–but not just to the mentor, but to yourself. There may be times when the spiritual mentor will send you to read certain books or undertake a particular ceremony or practice meditation. You then bring what you learned and experienced into your next session so as to understand and integrate it all.

  1. Pursue single-instance opportunities.

Some “mentoring” opportunities are only available for a single session. You may seek out a spiritual mentor when you have a  particular set of questions that can be answered in a single conversation. There is opportunity and possibility everywhere and all the time. Make sure you pay attention to the synchronicities that may put a spiritual mentor on your path.

  1. Seek valuable resources.

When it comes to selecting a reliable spiritual mentor, direct, personal interactions offer unique benefits and opportunities for growth. 

If you want to be mentored by someone who helps you grow spiritually, consider exploring the work of Rachel Mann, PhD. She is known for her insightful writings and thought-provoking teachings. You may experience the benefits of shamanic healing as she offers deep spiritual transformational insights and practices.


Now, you may have an idea of what spiritual mentoring is and how it can bring about change in your life. It’s the combined wisdom shared by spiritual mentors like Dr. Rachel Mann, through both personal connections and alternative healing modalities, that enriches and shapes the spiritual journeys of countless seekers. 


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