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Saree Draping Styles For Zoomers

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If you are a saree lover, you surely know how versatile and elegant the outfit is. But women today may not think alike, especially Gen Z thriving on casual outfits for a major part. But research reveals that women today have started appreciating sarees and have started draping them in different avatars. Now, that is where the trick lies.

Be it for draping a saree to the workplace or pulling off a wedding occasion, the style of flaunting the six-yard is allowing today’s women to stay classy and sassy at the same time. So, Bengal cotton sarees in Kolkata have reached an all-new level with gliding and moving in them during casual and formal occasions with equal ease. So, if you are averse to attending occasions in sarees, customisation of draping styles may create an everlasting impression.

So, here are 7 different saree draping styles to add a fresh perspective to your sense of fashion:

1. Draping a Saree to the Workplace

Imagine carrying a saree to the workplace. While you can part ways and choose more casual attire, tweak your usual sense of fashion and enter the world of sarees in different hues and prints. Do you know that handloom cotton sarees for women are the perfect match for workwear in terms of comfort and beautiful draping styles? Why don’t you try the Nivi look for daywear and stick to minimal accessories? With hand-woven sarees from boutiques, you need no embellishment and yet get an appreciation for your elegance with the Nivi draping style.

2. Draping in Pleats

If you have a good height and can manage the well-pleated look, it is a fantastic option for staying close to your traditions. Get a couple of Bengal handloom cotton sarees online and pleat them up for a conventional look. Gen Zs love to stick to traditional attires and sporting one would be an ode to the legacy of your mother and grandmother.

3. Draping Style for Pre-Wedding Rituals

Want to create a statement with your saree draping style or need to add a spin to your usual fashion statement? Well, it is not going to be difficult if you explore the best saree shops in Kolkata and pick the right one depending on the occasion. Well, you need not just sport the traditional silk sarees for the pre-wedding rituals but try something different, like quirky prints on Chanderi or Cotton, to be a trendsetter anyway. With friends and families around, you will look like a fashion diva with dhoti-style draping. Sport a pair of fashion earrings to look playful and smart.

4. Pant-Style Draping for a Cocktail Party

A much-hyped saree draping trend that has picked momentum for evening cocktail parties is the pant style. Be it six yards of grace or elegance, this charming style of wearing a saree may make many hearts melt. Wondering how to drape it perfectly? Discard your petticoat and put on the pant for the ultimate style. The pant-style draping is the right option for an evening soiree where you will be surrounded by other saree enthusiasts who might appreciate the comfort and functionality of this draping style.

5. Tie a Belt

Tying a belt around the waistline just like you do in casual dresses is what Gen Z may find attractive and similar to their usual dressing style. It’s simple yet appealing. You can belt up the saree that ties your pallu to the waist and sport your belted saree. To add zeal to your belted saree, wear a peppy blouse. Make sure the colour of the belt is in sync with the saree.

6. Aatpoure Bengali Drape for Traditional Occasions

Traditional occasions drop in at any time and looking exotic in handloom cotton sarees for women is a real challenge. Thanks to the aatpoure Bengali saree draping style in which the pallu lies on the shoulders with box pleats in the front. It may be a wedding or any other ceremony where you need to flaunt your saree in a large family gathering. If you are searching for sarees to flaunt the aatpoure Bengali look, visit Dora By Phoenix, the saree boutique showcasing a variety of collections in cotton and silk to showcase an ethereal look.

7. Double Drapes

Look dramatic in double-draped sarees for any event. You just have to drape two contrasting sarees together to create a stylish look. Just make sure that the fabrics of both sarees are similar and that the shades contrast each other when you keep the pallu on your shoulders.

Sarees are deeply embedded with Indian traditions, be it the religious or marital. It’s time you step down from the thought that sarees limit your movement and flaunt your saree in different draping styles. The innovation is here to stay and make sarees more popular among the modern generation who can adopt the styles easily.


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