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Are you going to participate in an exhibition soon? Want to make a distinct impact on the exhibition floor? Are you not able to decide where to start your preparation for exhibitions? If yes, there is no need to worry anymore, you have arrived at the right place. Just find the answers to a few crucial questions asked by experienced exhibition display contractors to ensure an incredible exhibition experience.

Exhibitions are brilliant marketing and branding tools and your exhibition design plays a major role in the success. You just need to follow a smart approach while keeping a few crucial aspects in mind. While getting started, identify your display needs by answering the following questions.

What do you want to accomplish through participation in an exhibition?

Setting your objectives is one of the initial and major steps that define success. Without knowing what exactly you want to accomplish, you are expecting a miracle to happen. A big part of your efforts is going to be wasted. Also, efficiency levels are going to be quite low. Always have well-defined goals. They will guide you to design your booth and achieve success at the exhibition stand builders with greater efficiency.  

 What kind of audience will be there? Is it a national, regional or local audience?

Match the target audience of your business with the audience coming to the event you are going to participate in. Also, determine if they are going to be local, regional, national or international. Use these insights while designing your exhibition stands. This step will help you boost the foot traffic.

 What type of brand image and messages do you want to convey at exhibitions?

Your stand design should be heavily influenced by the brand image and messages you want to convey to your audience. Be consistent with your branding throughout the entire booth. Leverage the expertise of bespoke stand builders to transform your brand essence into visually stunning stand designs perfectly. 

How many exhibitions and trade shows will you participate in the upcoming year?

Determine how many events are you going to participate in within a set time frame. Invest in exhibition stand design companies accordingly. If it is just once or twice, choose a portable or modular stand design, otherwise, opt for durable and custom trade show booth design services. You will be able to get maximum ROI from it.

Do you need more than one trade show display for different occasions?

Different exhibitions have different conditions for exhibition booths. Once you determine how many and which exhibitions you are going to participate in, learn about the exhibiting conditions imposed by the organisers. You may also seek professional assistance from an exhibition booth design company. It will help you decide whether you need one or more exhibit displays for your business.

What will be the booth location, type and size of space on the exhibition floor?

Determine whether your exhibition booth location will be in-line, corner, end or island. Consult the organisers to know the size and space-related specifications. These insights will help you select the booth type among the modular, custom exhibition stand contractor and double-decker. Also, these elements will help you design unique exhibition stands.   

 How will you transport your trade show booth to each show?

Logistics is a crucial part of the exhibition process. It also affects the monetary aspect of exhibition endeavours. Determine whether you can ship and store the exhibit yourself or require specialists in trade show shipment and storage services. This decision will save you from last-minute hassle and smoothen the whole process.

How much budget is allocated for your display needs?

Budget always remains one of the major factors that determine the direction and flow of any task. Do a little research and set an ample budget right at the beginning of your exhibition process. Strategically take each step while keeping the expenses in consideration. This approach will help you gain the best value for your money invested in the exhibition stand design and construction services.

What will be the major lighting, technology and other elements in your booth design?

Lighting items, digital tools and furniture items play a crucial role in creating a distinct ambience at your booth. Their smart utilisation creates an immersive experience and leaves a long-lasting impression on your visitors. Use them strategically according to your budget and ensure a strong brand presence.

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