9 Signs You Should Think of Conducting a Home Rewire Project for Your Place

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Before you wonder whether you should rewire your place or not, let us tell you that most house fires are often related to wiring issues. Data shows that there’re more than 17,000 residential fire accidents recorded in Australia annually. Though the data is staggering, you can take certain steps to prevent your house from catching fire. Hence, it’s a must to ensure that your house’s wiring is in good shape. Well, conducting a home rewire project for your place can help you with that.

The electrical system of your place may need an urgent repair or update. A complete rewiring of your place can be expensive, but it can help you prevent electric hazards like house fires. There’re tonnes of upsides to rewiring your house, and house safety is one of them. Having your residence rewired can greatly minimise the chances of electrical issues and can further give you peace of mind.

But how do you know that you should rewire your house? Let’s find out more about that in the below blog post.

Signs you need to rewire your place with a professional electrician team

The electric system of your house can often show signs when there’re potential problems going on with it.

Noticing these warning signs can help you protect your place from electric hazards like house fires, etc.

The following are the top 9 signs when you should rewire your place,

1. Have you noticed a sizzling or buzzing sound coming from your outlets? Well, it can be a big indicator that something is wrong with your house’s electric system. Instead of leaving it like that, contacting a professional would be helpful. If needed, they can help you with the rewire project.

2. If you notice a burning smell coming from your power outlets, it can be due to the problems in the electric system of your place. Having your house’s electric system checked by a pro electrician can help you resolve it and change the wiring of your place.

3. If you’ve got an electric shock, no matter how small is it, when plugging a device in your power socket, you must check it with a professional electrician. It can be a sign of electrical damage in your place.

4. A single dimming or flickering light can be normal, but if you notice regular flickering lights in several areas of your place, it can be a problem. You must contact an electrician to have your house’s electric system checked by them.

5. Have you noticed brown marks on your electrical sockets or discoloured switches in your place? It can happen due to the tiny fires created by loose connections inside the sockets. It can also be a result of tiny arcs of electricity. Having your house’s electrical system checked by a professional electrician can resolve this issue and help you with the rewiring project.

6. If you notice the fuses of your property blow randomly and regularly, you must contact an adept electrician to help you. Why? Well, it can be a sign that your house needs a rewiring. Though it can also be a faulty appliance, having the issue checked by a professional house electrician can be helpful.

7. Does it feel when you touch the electrical panel of your place? Well, it can indicate a big issue with your house’s electric system. Having it checked by a professional electrician can be helpful.

8. If you’re living in a house that’s older than 30 years or just have bought a house without knowing if it’s been rewired or not, you must rewire the house. Outdated wiring is prone to fires and hazards. Rewiring it by a professional can help you with that.

9. Some sparks are harmless. But if you notice yellow sparks from your power outlets when you plug your device, it can indicate a persistent problem with your house’s electric system that has to be checked by a professional electrician.

Bottom line,

Can’t understand if you should conduct a home rewire project for your place or not? Well, check some signs of your electric system to be sure of it. We hope this blog can help you with that.

Author Bio: The Author is a professional electrician. For years, he’s helped many people to conduct home rewire projects nationwide. Also, he’s written many articles and blogs on the same.


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