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Although VCF files are great for storing several contacts, you can find that their ability to do so limits you at times. This is because you cannot share files containing multiple crucial contacts with others without also sharing the other contacts. But you might be able to solve your problems if you can divide VCF into many files.

Therefore, we’re delighted to comply if you want a user-friendly method, and breaking the vCard into many contacts is also a worry. So let us get started by showing you the easiest way to divide a vCard into several contact files.

Different Strategies for Dividing a vCard into Several Files

We’ll start by going over the manual processes you can carry out on your Windows device. On the other hand, the procedure is time-consuming and tedious. As a result, you start by looking at the procedure and its potential.

The Manual Method for Dividing a VCF into Several Files

First Step: Transforming VCF to Windows Contacts

  • Go to C:Users%username%Contacts and choose the Import option to get started.
  • Click Import after choosing the vCard option in the “Import to Windows Contact” dialog box.
  • Navigate to the ‘Select a vCard File for Import’ box and find the location of the.vcf file.
  • After selecting the file with a double-click, press the OK button.
  • Each contact’s properties window will now open one at a time. 
  • After making the necessary changes, press the OK button.

Final Step: Creating a Single VCF File with All Windows Contacts

  • Go to Windows Contacts and select the Export option. To select several files, click on each one while holding down the Ctrl key.
  • From the “Export Windows Contacts” dialog box (folder containing.vcf files), choose vCard.
  • Next, choose Export to divide VCF into several files.
  • Next, locate the folder where the vCard contacts are to be stored.
  • Click the OK button after that.
  • This will store each contact in a *.vcf file in a different VCF file.


  • It can take a while for Windows Contacts to save each contact separately.
  • Data integrity is not guaranteed. Contact fields might be missing or mislabeled.
  • For many non-technical users, several steps are technical jargon.

The Automatic Method for Dividing a VCF File Into Several Contacts

For your kind of organization, the most robust and automated address book manager on the market is the DataVare Address Book Manager Tool. This software is devoted to vCard and resolving related issues. In contrast to the manual method, it won’t put you through a drawn-out or stressful procedure. It merely offers a few easy steps to split a VCF file into several files. So go over the ways to become acquainted with the smart tool. While using this application users can Break VCF(vCard) Files Into Dozens Parts.

  • Download, install, and launch the Address Book Manager on your devices.
  • You can now start adding your vCard to the program by clicking the Add files or Add folders option.
  • You can preview the VCF files as you see fit once the application has uploaded each of the requested files.
  • The options, which include dividing a single VCF file into many VCF files, must now be enabled. The next step is to navigate to the appropriate location and choose the “Save” option.
  • This will be the start of the conversion process. When it is finished, you will receive an alert.
Address Book software

This is how the Address Book Manager functions. There’s no need to endure a protracted or taxing procedure. All you have to do is select your preferred VCF and split it. Let’s now examine some further information on the advanced tool. Consequently, have a look.

Learn More About Address Book Manager Tool

  • With the Address Book Manager, you can split VCF in bulk into many files.
  • The advanced tool works with all Windows operating systems.
  • You can designate the location of the generated files using it.
  • Divide the VCF file into many contacts, each keeping its integrity intact.
  • It also serves as a VCF file reader because it offers a thorough preview of them.


We’ve given you some really good ways to divide VCF files into different ones. One of them is manual, requiring many steps and the use of Windows contact features. The other is an automated method that works with both Mac and Windows and just requires a few steps. As a result, you can contrast the two to see which fits you best.

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