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we will delve into the fascinating world of incense sticks and discover the various types, scents, and their significance in different cultures and traditions. We will explore the history of incense sticks, their manufacturing process, and how they are used in spiritual and religious practices. Additionally, we will provide tips on how to use incense sticks at home, the benefits of burning incense, and how to choose the right aroma to suit your mood and preferences. Whether you are a seasoned incense lover or a curious beginner, this guide will help you bring a touch of tradition and tranquillity to your home.


Our Most Selling Product You Can Use

1. Redwood Incense sticks

Redwood Incense Stick creates a relaxing retreat in your own home, redwood Agarbatti is the perfect product. The calming woody aroma will help you unwind after a stressful day so you can enjoy some peaceful moments. Bring the essence of the forest into your home with redwood Agarbatti.

Redwood Agarbatti is often used in meditation and spiritual practices due to its grounding and calming properties. It is also a popular choice for home use, as it can help purify the air and create a relaxing atmosphere.


2. Sai Flora Incense sticks

Looking for a spiritual boost? Light Sai Flora Incense Stick in your home. Experience inner serenity with Sai Flora Agarbatti sacred sandalwood and floral scents. This handmade Agarbatti transforms any space into a peaceful sanctuary.

The delicate and uplifting scent of Sai Flora Agarbatti can be enjoyed by anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practice or create a peaceful atmosphere at home.


3. Shai Oudh Incense Stick

Shai Oudh Agarbatti is a type of incense stick that is known for its rich and exotic fragrance. It is made from a blend of natural ingredients, including agarwood, also known as Oudh and other aromatic herbs.

It is also a popular choice for home use, as it can help purify the air and create a cosy and inviting atmosphere.


4. Shai Rose Incense sticks

Shai Rose incense sticks are a type of incense stick that is known for its sweet and floral fragrance. They are made from a blend of natural ingredients, including rose petals, essential oils, and other aromatic herbs.

The enchanting aroma of Shai Rose incense sticks is often used in spiritual and religious practices to create a serene and meditative environment.


5. Musk Melon Incense Stick

Our new Musk Melon Incense Stick. This aromatic incense fills your home with the sweet, refreshing fragrance of ripe melons. Captures the juicy scent of fresh musk melons
If you love fruity scents, our muskmelon incense Stick is for you. Use it to create a happy, uplifting aroma in any room. It’s a fragrance that brings joy and refreshes your surroundings.




S.L. Agarbatti.

Founded in the year 1996, S.L. Agarbatti Company is known for its exceptionally quality products. S.L. Agarbatti has become one of India’s leading incense stick manufacturers, with a commitment to quality ingredients and traditional production methods.



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