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Creating a reading corner for kids is fun and can interest them in books and learning. A critical part of this cozy spot is children’s bookshelves. They not only tidy up books but also make the room look nice. This article will give tips and ideas for setting up children’s bookshelves to create a happy reading corner. 

Why Choose Rattan Children’s Bookshelves?

Before discussing the tips, let’s see why Rattan children’s bookshelves are great. Rattan is natural and comes from sustainable sources, so it’s good for the environment. It’s also safe for kids, being non-toxic. Plus, Rattan bookshelves are handmade, which makes them unique and timeless. They’re strong and classic, lasting long and becoming treasured parts of your child’s room. 

Tips for Setting Up Children’s Bookshelves

  • Consider the Size and Placement: When choosing children’s bookshelves, consider the available space in the room. Opt for Rattan bookshelves that fit well without overcrowding the area. Place the shelves at a height accessible to your child, promoting independence in selecting and returning books. Ensure the bookshelves are sturdy and secure to prevent accidents and choose designs that complement the room’s decor to create an inviting reading nook.

  • Prioritize Safety: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to children’s furniture. Ensure the Rattan bookshelves are sturdy and stable, holding books without tipping over. Check for smooth edges and secure any loose parts to prevent accidents. Additionally, anchor the bookshelves to the wall to prevent them from falling over if a child climbs on them. Regularly inspect the shelves for wear and tear to maintain a safe environment. 

  • Organize Books Thoughtfully: Organizing books on children’s bookshelves can make reading more enjoyable and accessible. Consider categorizing books by genre, age-appropriateness, or themes. Use colorful bins or baskets on the shelves to store smaller books or toys, adding a playful touch. Rotate the books regularly to keep your child’s selection fresh and exciting. Label the bins or sections to help your child easily find and return books, encouraging a sense of order and responsibility. 

  • Create a Cozy Atmosphere: Enhance the reading nook by adding cozy elements around the Rattan bookshelves. Include soft cushions, a rug, and a small bean bag or chair for comfortable reading sessions. Add warm lighting like fairy lights or a small lamp to create a welcoming ambiance. Consider incorporating a favorite stuffed animal or plush toy for extra comfort and companionship during reading. 

  • Encourage Interaction: Make the reading nook interactive and engaging. Display some of your child’s favorite books facing outward on the Rattan bookshelves to pique their interest. Consider rotating books periodically to keep the selection fresh and exciting. Encourage your child to participate in choosing new books to add to the collection, fostering a sense of ownership and enthusiasm for reading. 

  • Personalize the Space: Personal touches can make the reading nook feel special. Encourage your child to decorate the Rattan bookshelves with their artwork or favorite quotes. Include a small chalkboard or whiteboard where they can write book recommendations or doodle. Additionally, consider incorporating photos of family members or pets to create a cozy and familiar atmosphere. 

  • Maintain and Refresh Regularly: Regular maintenance ensures the reading nook is inviting and functional. Dust the Rattan bookshelves regularly and inspect them for any wear or damage. Consider refreshing the display by swapping out books or adding seasonal decorations. Encourage your child to help tidy up the space, instilling a sense of responsibility and pride in their reading nook. 

  • Create a Book Rotation System: Implement a book rotation system to keep the selection of books on the Rattan bookshelves fresh and exciting. Periodically swap out books to introduce new stories, genres, or authors. This maintains your child’s interest in reading and exposes them to various literary experiences. Consider creating a themed rotation, such as seasonal books or books related to a current interest or topic, to keep the reading experience dynamic and engaging. 

  •  Incorporate Reading Accessories: Make reading better by putting reading stuff near the Rattan bookshelves. Make a comfy spot with a soft blanket for your child to read. Use a lamp or clip-on light for easy reading, especially at night. Also, think about giving bookmarks or trackers to help your child track their progress and feel good about it. 

  • Create a Mini Library Experience: Transform the area around the Rattan bookshelves into a mini library. Put up a small table or shelf for library cards, bookmarks, and reading logs. Encourage your child to borrow and return books, teaching responsibility. You can also have library-themed activities, like reading stories aloud to family or toys.


Creating a reading nook with Rattan children’s bookshelves is a beautiful way to foster a love for reading and learning in children. By considering size, safety, organization, ambiance, interaction, personalization, and maintenance, you can set up a cozy and inviting space where your child can immerse themselves in the magical world of books. 


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