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Every year at Christmas or Thanksgiving, when you plan a dinner for your distant family, it is a way of connecting better. Right? You hardly ever see them, other than these fancy get-togethers. Thus, when you want to invite them to come over, you might face difficulties in getting your hands on their current cell phone number.

It is very likely to happen, and it is not the only situation where you are between a rock and a hard place. Very often, in commercial activities, there are times when you are in dire need of communication routes, specifically when it is about a company that you see as a potential customer or partner.

However, you do not find it in the flick of an eye. Rather, you have to invest both time and money to get down to a brand’s email address or landline. We know the struggle, and thus, we do not want you to go through it. Here is a comprehensive analysis of how to carry out this mission, beginning with the practical facts.


Understanding the Basics

What does it take to put together a robust list of corporate contacts is a profound question. However, before we answer this, let us dig into the basics and try to understand the ground realities.

Beginning with what the B2B stands for. It means business to business or buyer to buyer. Hence, a B2B contact list means the communication essentials of clients from a specific segment, which is potential buyers and customers.

The details can be job titles, email addresses, phone numbers, and other relevant details. Every company is bound to have an exclusive communication link that other companies use to get in touch.

Moreover, because there are not just a few companies operating in the contemporary corporate realm, maintaining a list is crucial. This list is like a pearl of great price but we shall discuss its significance later in this article. First, let us concentrate on the critical steps that help build a robust B2B contact list in no time.



The Five Crucial Steps!

As a functional business, while you dream of future growth, first, you need to prepare a business plan. Sometimes, the brands hire business plan writing services, but it is advised that they do it themselves for integrity.

Moving on, when you start implementing the plan, you must generate a business-to-business contact list. However, creating it is not a walk in the park. You will have to go through telephone directories both manually and digitally.

Nevertheless, you cannot do it without building a strong social network in the commercial sector. Thus, you need to attend trade shows and look for older databases that can help you construct links. There is a lot more that you need to do to gather your collection of details. Glance at the phases underneath:

  1. Research Your Target

Let us suppose that we are a manufacturing company. We import plastic and produce bottles from it. Then those bottles are printed with the names of whoever is the client. Later, it is sent to the delivery address.

If we wish to find a client for forward integration, then our first step has to be research. There are plenty of potential ones in the market, so primarily, we divide the market into segments. It can be demographics-based, also. You can use information from your departments to produce an ideal customer profile for future reference.

  1. Build Links Cautiously

Once you finalise the list of companies that you will try to work on, you need to start digging in. Look for them everywhere to find information about them. You can go through search engines, old newspapers, directories, social media, and all other sources that come to mind.

However, there is one thing that you need to be very cautious of, and that is to adhere to the data privacy regulations. For example, you can use the official pages of those companies on podiums like Instagram and LinkedIn to collect information. You may also go for internal data through older employees, but make sure you do not land yourself in legal fines and repercussions.

  1. Collect the Final Names

So far, you must have collected data from numerous sources, and some of it might have even contributed to the alteration of your decisions. This is a necessary stage of How to create B2B contact list, as you get many insights from every brand. Therefore, you can choose whether to move ahead with them in future or drop them right away.

After delisting any companies that you may not want to continue with, you might want to start bringing all the names together. A good option is using a sheet of Microsoft Excel to record everything, as it is easy to manage. First, put in the names, and then you can add the website links.


  1. Put Together the Details

After jotting down the names and webpage addresses now, you want to find much deeper facts like email addresses and phone numbers. This might seem like a minimal job at first, but let us warn you, it is quite a laborious task.

As businesses do not put out banners with their contact information for people, you need strong industrial links for this. Then only you can get such confidential information. You might even need technological help in this regard. However, make sure that there are no typos, or this may cost you a little too much later.

  1. Verify Everything Twice

Last but not least, the final step of how to create B2B contact lists is dual-step verification. It is highly possible that a number that you have put in a lot of effort to possess might not even be worth the effort. It could be fake or older, but it is now invalid.

Thus, you should carry out checking. Call on those numbers and put a green mark if they are valid. Similarly, send mail to the emails and see if they still are in use. Then, you can remove any fake details from the list later.


Closing Thoughts…

Ultimately, after all the basic and advanced knowledge of producing a corporate contact list, we hope you are prepared enough. You know the drill, but we would like to add a few tips to this guide for your relief.

A famous saying goes, ‘Never put all your eggs in one basket’, which means that not all the efforts should be in a single direction. So, now, do you understand how big of a mistake it is to completely rely upon databases for contacts? They are not reliable enough to work every time. Moreover, sometimes they are obsolete.

As a result, we only have two efficient choices: search engines and social media platforms. They are always up-to-date and dependable. Besides that, community apps like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the most feasible options for this task.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and quickly get your hands on the communication route to your target business. Then, wisely prepare a pitch and give it a shot. We are so sure you will make it. Good luck!


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