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The average smartphone user unlocks their device almost 80 times a day, mostly out of habit or boredom. What if this daily ritual was more rewarding? Enter Glance feature – an AI-powered lock screen platform that promises to transform the unlocking experience through entertaining content discovery.

Glance InMobi brings personalised news, viral videos, games, live shopping and more to your lock screen. With a global monthly audience of over 200 million users spending 25 minutes per day on Glance feature, InMobi seems to have unlocked the formula for content engagement in a mobile-first world.

Over 200 million users actively spend 25 minutes per day consuming content via Glance InMobi. Through AI recommendations, the Glance feature curates personalised news, viral videos, games, shopping and more for users. InMobi leveraged its expertise in mobile advertising to create an innovative Glance feature that is shaping content habits in a mobile-first world.

This blog post explores the meteoric rise of InMobi, and Glance InMobi the AI and data science powering Glance feature recommendations, and how this platform aims to reshape content consumption habits for the next billion internet users.

The Glance InMobi Story – Pioneering Mobile Advertising in India

InMobi began over a decade ago to disrupt the digital advertising landscape dominated by Google and Facebook. Indian Institute of Technology alumni Naveen Tewari, Abhay Singhal, Mohit Saxena and Amit Gupta together founded InMobi in 2007.

Their vision was to harness the rapid smartphone and internet growth in emerging markets like India for accessing the mobile consumer. From early traction in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America,Glance InMobi today reaches over 1.7 billion users globally through partnerships with 90,000+ apps and sites.

With pioneering innovation in areas like mobile video ads, interactive creatives and conversational marketing, Glance InMobi enabled brands to effectively engage mobile-first consumers. Glance InMobi, the company’s AI-based learning platform for enterprises, is powering the digital transformation for customers like Kellogg’s, Spotify, CNN and Shell. 

The Rise of Glance InMobi- An Intelligent Lock Screen Platform

While InMobi conquered mobile advertising, the consumer internet landscape was changing. Cheap data and smartphones led to content explosion – but user attention spans were shrinking.

InMobi researched leading countries like China successfully monetizing lock screen content. In 2019, they launched Glance InMobi – an AI-powered lock screen platform personalised for each user showcasing – news, entertainment videos, casual games, live shopping, and more. And that’s how the idea behind the Glance feature arrived. 

The idea behind Glance InMobi and its Glance feature was to effectively utilise the brief 5-10 seconds every time a user unlocks their phone by connecting them to enjoyable relevant content. Glance InMobi has partnered with top Android smartphone makers like Samsung, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi and Vivo to provide this experience to provide the entire Glance feature’s experience.

Starting in India, Glance InMobi has expanded to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and the USA. It has the largest lock screen network globally with 200 million daily active users spending 25 minutes per day with the Glance feature.

Glance InMobi aims to drive the next wave of disruption in digital content, m-commerce and fintech innovation, especially across emerging internet economies like India using innovations like the Glance feature. The Glance feature allows Glance InMobi to reach millions of users and deliver engaging content. 

The AI & Data Science Powering Personalised Content on Glance InMobi

Behind the Glance InMobi platform is robust technology leveraging big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Every day it processes billions of content consumption signals from users of the Glance feature

Sophisticated deep learning algorithms understand user interests based on their usage of Glance InMobi as well as stunning accuracy. Thereafter, the automated content generation system of Glance InMobi creates a personalised content feed optimised to match user preferences for the Glance feature

Powered by tech and talent from AI research labs in Silicon Valley and China, Glance InMobi is pushing the boundaries in lock screen content personalisation and enhancement of its Glance feature

Glance InMobi’s Business Innovation for the Mobile Consumer

While Glance InMobi quickly amasses user attention spans starting with unlock moments, founder Naveen Tewari envisions this as just the beginning for the Glance feature. 

The platform, Glance InMobi aims to leverage its user base and data intelligence to enable m-commerce at scale in India through further development of its Glance feature. With trust garnered from 200 million users, Tewari sees the lock screen becoming the gateway for securing financial transactions.

Glance InMobi has already launched live video commerce streaming integration. This way, the Glance feature of Glance InMobi allows influencers to host interactive product showcase sessions with shoppable links for a more engaging experience than text ads. 

The platform, Glance InMobi also believes it can onboard the next generation of internet users into areas like crypto trading through in-app embedding. With strong access to consumer attention through the Glance feature, Glance InMobi intends to drive innovation across content, fintech, e-commerce and more in emerging markets like India.

Reshaping Content Consumption with Glance InMobi

In conclusion, Glance InMobi has leveraged its mobile advertising leadership and moved decisively into the consumer space with an innovative lock screen content platform centred around its Glance feature.

Backed by smart AI/ML personalisation at scale, Glance InMobi has quickly reshaped content consumption habits by turning unlock moments into enjoyable, discovery experiences.

Having tapped into the creator economy and m-commerce, Glance InMobi seems ready to drive the next wave of mobile disruption across media, payments, and commerce.

With internet and smartphone adoption expanding exponentially in emerging economies like India, Glance InMobi has the opportunity to impact the lives of billions of users globally. Glance InMobi’s early bet augmenting AI with mobile consumer understanding may truly transform interactions with the internet for the next generation.


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