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Never wonder how companies find the perfect person for a job out of all the people who apply. Well, they have an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Applicant Tracking System workflow helps businesses in the recruitment process.

An ATS stores all the resumes, cover letters, and job applications in one organized place and allows you to manage everything centrally, from resume parsing to candidate outreach. You might be surprised to know just how many companies use ATS. It is not just the big ones – businesses of all sizes rely on it to find the best people to join their teams. 

Now, you might be wondering why ATS is so important for businesses. Imagine how it would feel for businesses to sift through all the job applications without ATS. Tiring and time-consuming, right? 

But with ATS, businesses can save time, money, and a lot of headaches. It helps them sort through applications faster, find the most qualified candidates, and make better hiring decisions. In this blog, we will see how Applicant Tracking System workflow can supercharge your business and help you build the dream team that you have always wanted. 

How Does Application Tracking System Workflow Help In Recruitment? 

Recruitment is a time-consuming process and can take a lot of effort from the HR team. Moreover, when the talent acquisition team has to sieve through tons of resumes, then the chances of human error can increase manifold.

An Applicant Tracking System workflow can benefit both the business and the candidate, helping to find the perfect employee-employer match. Let’s look at some important benefits of using an ATS for hiring:

Organizes Everything

With the Applicant Tracking System workflow, all the applications are neatly organized in one place. It’s like having a tidy room where you can easily find everything.

Saves Time

Have you ever had to search for something in a big pile of stuff? It takes forever, right? Customizing ATS workflow saves companies a ton of time by quickly sorting through applications. This means they can find the best candidates faster and get them hired sooner.

Also, high-end ATS like Pitch N Hire helps maintain a candidate pipeline, which can save you time during future hiring.

Reduces Bias

Sometimes, people make decisions based on things like age, gender, or race without even realizing it. But ATS doesn’t care about any of that! It treats everyone’s application the same, making hiring fairer for everyone.

Look for the Right Skills

An ATS helps you set the parameters based on which you want to hire someone. The software will run every resume against the set parameters and help you find the candidate who best fits your requirements.

Keeps Track of Everything

Recruitment is a data-intensive process; you need to store the candidate’s resume, interviewer feedback, payroll, and other information. But when you are hiring for multiple roles or have a huge number of applicants, it can be easy to get distracted and disorganized. 

An ATS will help you store all your information seamlessly and keep everyone involved in the recruitment in the loop.

Improves Communication

As mentioned earlier, keeping everyone in the hiring process in the loop makes the process seamless and enjoyable, especially for the candidate. An ATS for hiring will help send automated messages and emails across the hiring pipeline and keep the candidate engaged throughout the process.

Saves Money

Hiring can be expensive! But with ATS, companies don’t have to spend as much money on things like advertising jobs or hiring extra people to help with applications. It’s like getting a discount on hiring costs!

Boosts Productivity

Imagine you have a really important project to finish, but you keep getting interrupted. It’s hard to get anything done, right? Applicant Tracking System workflow helps companies focus on hiring the best people without getting distracted by other things. This makes them more productive and successful.

Builds a Talent Pool

Sometimes, there are lots of great candidates, but only one job is available. ATS keeps track of all those talented people, even if they don’t get hired right away. So, when another job opens up, the company already has a pool of awesome candidates to choose from.

Provides Insights

 Applicant Tracking System workflow gives companies insights into their hiring process. They can see things like where most applicants come from or which job posting gets the most attention. This will help in making well informed decisions in future recruitments.

Now, you know how the recruitment process workflow can be streamlined with ATS software. However, before selecting an ATS for your business, look for some key features. We will discuss these important features in detail.

Top 10 Features To Look For In ATS In Recruitment 

The workflow of hiring process is highly affected by the ATS software a company uses. Therefore, it is essential to find an Applicant Tracking System that fits your recruitment needs and has all the features you need. 

User-Friendly Interface

Firstly, look for the Applicant Tracking System workflow with a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. You would want the process to be easily understandable and seamless. Additionally, the applicants must feel comfortable when applying for the job. 

Customizable Workflows

Next, you can make the ATS work the way you want with customizable workflows. You can create different stages for the hiring process, like application review, interviews, and final selection. So, find an ATS that allows customization and upgradable features. 

Mobile Compatibility

Make sure the Applicant Tracking System workflow you choose is compatible with mobile devices so you can check the status of Job posting anytime, anywhere. Additionally, it will allow the potential candidate to apply for jobs easily.

Powerful Functionality

Your ideal candidates must find your job listing easily and with the right keywords. Therefore, look for an ATS with powerful search functionality that lets you quickly set up job postings based on keywords, location, or job title.

Integration with Job Boards

Moreover, make sure that it is integrated with job boards. This way, the ATS will show your job listings in multiple places, allowing more qualified candidates to find the posting. 

Automated Communication

Also, you must consider the applicant’s experience during recruitment. This includes updating them on their applicant status. So, look for an ATS that sends automated emails that keeps candidates updated on their application status. So, they are never left wondering what’s happening.

Resume Parsing

With resume parsing, the ATS reads and analyzes your resume to extract important information like skills and experiences. This makes it easier for recruiters to find the best candidates.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools in Applicant Tracking System workflow let you work together with your team to review applications and make hiring decisions. And a team working together will easily find the perfect candidate.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics in ATS help companies see how long it takes to hire someone and where they find the best candidates. Additionally, it shows them where they can improve when looking for new team members.

Integration with HR Software

Integration with HR software makes the ATS even more powerful. It allows you to seamlessly manage other aspects of the hiring process, like onboarding new hires and tracking employee performance.


Applicant Tracking System workflow saves time, reduces bias, and makes hiring fairer for everyone. With ATS, companies can organize all their job applications in one place, find the most qualified candidates faster, and make better hiring decisions. 

Also, it improves communication with job applicants and saves money on hiring costs. By streamlining the recruitment process, ATS boosts productivity and builds a talent pool for future hires. With insights from ATS data analysis and reporting, companies can make smarter decisions and continuously improve their hiring process. 

So, if you want to build the dream team you’ve always wanted, look for an ATS with the top features we have discussed. With the right ATS by your side, you can hire the best team!


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