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British airways change passenger name

The British Airways name change policy is something you should be aware of if you’re flying with them and would like to change your erroneous name. You can easily and hassle-free change or correct your name in accordance with the policy. Depending on the terms and restrictions that apply, the airlines provide their passengers with several options to make the necessary modifications at no cost. However, when changing their name, passengers must present certain official documentation as proof of identity. Read the entire guide to find out more information about the British airways change passenger name. 

Rules Regarding Name Changes on Airline Tickets British Airways

For legal reasons, not every passenger is able to modify their name or amend an error. Therefore, in order to lower the likelihood of mistakes, double-checking all the information is essential when buying a plane ticket.

To modify the British airways wrong name on booking, a traveler must follow to the guidelines provided below:

  • A traveler is entitled to a name change or correction on the ticket if they got married, changed their name officially, or spelled their name incorrectly when making the reservation.
  • Changes to a passenger’s name or changes can be made via the official British Airways website or by calling their customer service hotline.
  • If spelling mistakes led to the name mistake, the BA name change charge might not be applicable. 
  • You can change only three characters at a time.
  • More than three characters may be changed under special situations, but only with the assistance of the British Airways customer service team.
  • When purchasing a plane ticket, be sure your name is spelled correctly twice.
  • To prevent any problems on boarding the British Airways flight, passengers should make any necessary amendments as soon as feasible.
  • When changing your last name, middle name, first name, or any combination of these legally is necessary. In these circumstances, a fresh PNR would be made. 

Which British Airways Change Name On Ticket Types Are There? 

  1. Misspelling Correction: Provides free or inexpensive means to make small name changes. 
  2. Legal Name Change: Usually accompanied by a cost, this permits significant changes for legal purposes, such as marriage or legal name correction. 
  3. Documentation Requirement: In most cases, a marriage certificate or other official proof of marriage is needed in order for British airways change passenger name of the married couple. 
  4. Fee Variation: Depending on the type of ticket, the route, and the particulars of the change, there may be a difference in the price for name changes. 

Which Documents Are Needed to Update/Change a Name?

To alter the name of British Airways, you must provide the required documentation. The list of documents that you might need to send in when starting name correction is provided below. 

  • A copy of the application for a name change.
  • Legal records, such as a divorce decree or marriage certificate.
  • Any further governmental records that may be needed.
  • A new name accompanied by an identity document. 

What Are the Various Methods for Correcting an Incorrect Name on BA?

To prevent any disruptions while traveling, you must correct any spelling mistakes as soon as you discover them. As a result, you are free to use any of the media that the airlines have provided. In any case, to successfully finish the British Airways change ticket name or British airways middle name on ticket, follow these instructions if you encounter any difficulties. 

Online Methods

Review the upcoming steps attentively to quickly fix the spelling mistake that British Airways made on your ticket. 

  • Go to the official BA website.
  • Second, select the Manage Booking menu item that corresponds to your screen.
  • After that, you have to accurately enter your last name and the reservation confirmation number.
  • Proceed with whatever modifications you wish to make under your own name.
  • Submit the necessary paperwork that has been approved by the government now.
  • After finishing, pay any applicable fees that were incurred.
  • Check the confirmation you received from the airline lastly.

Offline Method (By Calling)

If you choose not to use an online medium, follow the instructions below to easily change your name on BA offline.

  • Call +1 (800) 247-9297, the official BA customer service number. Alternatively, call the consolidation desk at +1 (800) 865-1848 for assistance.
  • Tell the agent why you are requesting a name change as soon as you are connected to them.
  • Provide your last name and booking reference code.
  • You will be asked to pay the applicable fees by the agent.
  • Finally, they will send you an email with a confirmation of your registered ID. 

Name Correction (At The Airport)

If you are unable to change British airways middle name on ticket using the online option, you can also visit the airport. Transfer the ticket details to the reservation counter. The executive will update the ticket and make the required modifications after you discuss the changes you would like to make and pay the required amount.

What Is the Cost of a Name Change on British Airways?

A few fees have been imposed by Airways for the name change. Additionally, the cost varies between $60 and $100 based on the reason for the name alteration. However, if you make the adjustments within 24 hours of making the reservation, you can do so without charge. Following that, fees will be incurred for each name change on British Airways. 


You may find it difficult to change or modify the British airways wrong name on booking tickets. You should be able to comprehend the British Airways change ticket name policy in its entirety with the aid of the above advice. To prevent issues when boarding, it is imperative that the name on your airline ticket is exact. Visit the official BA website for more information, or call the customer service line at +1 (800) 247-9297. If you are having trouble reaching them, call +1-800-865-1848 to speak with the consolidation desk representative.

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