How to Choose the Perfect Flowers for Any Event: A Guide for Florists and Event Planners.

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As a wholesale flower supplier, Flower Marketplace understands the importance of selecting the perfect flowers for any occasion. Whether you’re a flower shop owner or an event planner, your success often hinges on the beauty and quality of the flowers you provide. Today, we’ll explore some of the most exquisite flowers available in the market: pomarosa, mums white, orange spray roses, ranunculus coral, novia rose, and rose salma. We’ll delve into the unique characteristics of each flower and offer tips on how to incorporate them into your arrangements and designs.

Pomarosa: Elegance and Fragrance Combined

Pomarosa flowers are a symbol of elegance and beauty. Their rich, deep color and delightful fragrance make them a popular choice for weddings and upscale events. The pomarosa can be used in a variety of arrangements, from bridal bouquets to centerpieces. When using pomarosa, consider pairing them with greenery to enhance their natural beauty and fragrance.

Mums White: Versatility and Sophistication

Mums white, also known as chrysanthemums, are a versatile flower that can fit into nearly any arrangement. Their clean, crisp appearance adds a touch of sophistication to any event. Mums white are particularly popular for weddings and corporate events due to their classic look. These flowers work well in both bouquets and large floral installations. To create a stunning arrangement, combine mums white with other flowers like novia rose or ranunculus coral for a pop of color.

Orange Spray Roses: Vibrant and Cheerful

Orange spray roses are small, vibrant flowers that bring a cheerful and lively energy to any arrangement. These roses are perfect for adding a splash of color to bouquets and centerpieces. Their size makes them ideal for creating intricate designs and filling out larger arrangements. Orange spray roses are particularly effective when used in autumn-themed events or bright, summery weddings. Pair them with mums white or rose salma for a harmonious blend of colors.

Ranunculus Coral: Delicate and Charming

Ranunculus coral is known for its delicate, layered petals and charming appearance. This flower is a favorite among florists for its ability to add a touch of romance and whimsy to any arrangement. Ranunculus coral works beautifully in bridal bouquets, adding a soft and romantic feel. They can be paired with novia rose or pomarosa for a stunning, multidimensional look. When working with ranunculus coral, be sure to handle them gently as their petals are delicate.

Novia Rose: Timeless and Romantic

Novia rose is the epitome of timeless romance. Its classic shape and elegant color make it a staple in wedding arrangements. The novia rose is perfect for creating traditional bouquets and sophisticated centerpieces. When planning a romantic event, consider using novia rose as the focal point of your arrangements. They pair wonderfully with ranunculus coral and mums white, creating a balanced and beautiful display.

Rose Salma: Bold and Beautiful

Rose salma is a bold and striking flower that commands attention. Its vibrant color and large blooms make it an excellent choice for creating dramatic and eye-catching arrangements. Rose salma is perfect for events where you want to make a statement, such as galas or high-end parties. These salma roses work well in large installations and can be paired with orange spray roses for a vibrant and cohesive look.

Tips for Florists and Event Planners


  1. Understand Your Client’s Vision: Always start by understanding what your client envisions for their event. Whether they are looking for a classic, romantic, or vibrant arrangement, knowing their preferences will help you choose the right flowers.
  2. Consider the Season: Some flowers are seasonal, which can affect their availability and price. For example, ranunculus coral is typically available in the spring, while mums white are more common in the fall. Planning around the season can help you select the freshest and most affordable flowers.
  3. Mix and Match: Don’t be afraid to mix different types of flowers. Combining the elegance of pomarosa with the sophistication of mums white or the boldness of rose salma with the vibrancy of orange spray roses can create stunning and unique arrangements.
  4. Think About Color Harmony: When creating an arrangement, consider the color palette of the event. Using flowers that complement the overall color scheme will ensure that your arrangements enhance the event’s decor. For instance, pairing the soft hues of novia rose with the vivid tones of orange spray roses can create a visually appealing contrast.
  5. Texture and Depth: Use flowers with different textures and sizes to add depth to your arrangements. The layered petals of ranunculus coral and the dense blooms of mums white can create a rich, multidimensional look.
  6. Quality Matters: Always choose high-quality flowers from a reputable wholesale flower supplier. At Flower Marketplace, we ensure that our flowers are fresh and of the highest quality, so your arrangements will look stunning and last longer.

Creating Memorable Arrangements

Here are a few ideas on how to use these flowers in your next event:

  • Bridal Bouquets: Combine novia rose, ranunculus coral, and pomarosa for a romantic and elegant bouquet. Add some greenery for contrast and texture.
  • Centerpieces: Use mums white as the base of your centerpiece, and add orange spray roses and rose salma for pops of color. This combination is perfect for a summer or fall event.
  • Large Installations: Create a dramatic installation using rose salma and orange spray roses. Add some ranunculus coral for a touch of softness and whimsy.


Choosing the right flowers for an event can transform the ambiance and leave a lasting impression on guests. By understanding the unique characteristics of pomarosa, mums white, orange spray roses, ranunculus coral, novia rose, and rose salma, you can create stunning arrangements that meet your clients’ needs and elevate any event.

At Flower Marketplace, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality flowers for all your floral needs. Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or any special occasion, our wide selection of fresh flowers ensures that you will find the perfect blooms for your arrangements. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and how we can help you create unforgettable floral designs.


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