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I Became A Crazy Swordsmanship Instructor In The Game

In the huge expanse of virtual reality gaming where limitless adventures are waiting, I found myself in a world that is unlike any other. This digital world was the place where I came up with a new hobby and it even turned me from an amateur player to a dedicated player. I became a crazy swordsmanship instructor in the game

The Game: A Virtual Reality Adventure

As I went further into the details of the game, I was fascinated by its virtual world and the ever-changing game play. From epic comebacks to intricate missions, every part of the game was made to challenge and excite players into continuous learning. In this digital universe, I found that I was able to practise the art of swordsmanship and started my path to supremacy. 

Discovering the Passion

With every swing of my virtual sword, I was filled with a feeling of excitement that I had never felt before. The excitement of fighting and the feeling of mastering new skills stoked my desire to travel farther into the fencing world. I discovered that the more hours I spent practising, the more focused I became at achieving the best results, constantly fueled by my unquenchable thirst for excellence. 

Becoming an Instructor

I got more proficient in swordsmanship, the more I longed to teach others. Experiencing first-hand the necessity of knowledgeable instructors in the game, I had a go at organizing classes and workshops, where other players were interested in learning new things. It was a difficult task, but one that made me feel good and satisfied. 

Challenges and Rewards

Teaching swordsmanship in a virtual environment had its own set of challenges. From technical mishaps to communication issues, there were periods of time when failure seemed imminent. However, through commitment and indomitable will, I managed to get through the hardship by knowing that overcoming every problem meant getting closer to my objectives.  Read More About 2 bedroom villas for sale in Dubai

Community Building

The best part of my experience as an instructor in the game was creating a new network of connections with other players and instructors. We all became a supportive community that was ready to help each other to grow and to succeed. These contacts gave me the exceptional opportunity to get the knowledge and the spirit to teach. 

The Impact Beyond the Game

What started as a casual activity within the game soon turned into something that affected my real life. With the discipline and focus that I had developed through swordsmanship, similar qualities began to show up in other areas of my life and the resulting confidence and self-assurance amazed me. It was the proof that following your dreams will take you wherever you want even if you don’t know where that is. 

Facing Adversity

Sure, the road to be a swordsmanship instructor was never simple with ups and downs as well as failure in it. I had moments when I doubted my skills and myself if I was really the right person for the job. Although there were difficulties along the way, with every failure, came the opportunity to learn and grow until I became a more skillful and resilient person. Also Read About 4 bedrooms Villas for sale in Dubai​

The Evolution of Teaching

As the game changed and evolved, so did my position as a trainer of swordsmanship. With every new update and feature, I was changing and innovating, always looking for new ways to engage and motivate my students. I embarked on an endless journey of learning, advancement and enrichment, one that challenged me to be the most effective teacher. 

Inspiring Others

The most gratifying part of my journey was the chance to influence others to follow their dreams and interests in the game. By telling my own story of victories and testimonials, I was able to encourage others to conquer their own troubles and pursue success. It was a lesson in humility for me, one that reminded me of the magnitude influence that we can have on each other’s lives, online or otherwise. 


My trip from a player to an instructor of the swordsman was breath-taking. It has been a trip full of difficulties and accomplishments, failures and achievements. Yet through it all, one thing remains clear: the power of passion and perseverance is insurmountable. Whether in cyber space or real space, we can achieve excellence as long as we have the courage to follow our dreams. 


1.  How did you find your fascination for the sword technique within the game?

Answer: It caught my attention during my game discovery, and I was captivated by the exiting aspect of the fights. 

2.  What difficulties did you encounter in teaching swordsmanship in a virtual environment?

Answer: Technical difficulties and communication barriers were among the toughest problems I had to deal with. 

3.  What is the relevance of becoming a swordsman instructor outside of the game?

Answer: It has made me more confident, disciplined, and focused in other areas of my life. 

4.  What tips do you have for the new sword handling trainers in the game?

Answer: Do not be afraid to take risks and accept failure as a platform for learning and development. 

5.  What are your goals as a swordsmanship instructor in the future?

Answer: It is my wish to continue giving impulse to others to pursue their dreams and accomplish even more on and off the game. 

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