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Perforating is one of the best printing techniques that is commonly used in the printing industry. This method is beneficial and also important for the printing industry because it allows individuals to tear off paper, flyers, or cards very easily. While you might think that making a perforated printing paper is very simple, effortless, and easy. 

However, specific rules must be followed by the people in the printing industry who make these papers. And for those looking for perforated paper for their use, you must visit Vision Supply in Australia to get these papers. There is no one better than them to provide you with the best quality perforated paper.

Keep the paperweight in mind.

The perforations are very useful. But there are restrictions and limitations as well. The weight of the paper plays a crucial role in making perforations. Perforations cannot be done on papers that weigh 80gsm. It is only recommended to get the ones that weigh around 135gsm for making the perforations.

Perfecting the perforation line

If you are willing to make perfect perforation on the artwork, you should add a template to the artwork. This will represent and determine the position of the line, and they can be named accordingly. Or the artwork must have dotted lines in the area where the line needs to be drawn.

Insertion of perforation line

There are different approaches through which you can insert the perforation line on the printing paper. One way you can do so is by attaching six lateral lines that are separated 10 mm apart.

Folded printing products

The folded or foldable printing papers have unique circumstances. You need to double-check the perforation lines since they are made to be folded. You need to ensure that the perforations run parallel to the fold. For perforated paper labels, you can reach out to Vision Supply in Australia and order your product.

Single and double-sided print

The perforation lines for such printing papers might stop halfway. They might not run from one end to the other end. You need to keep in mind that you can only allow right-angled or single orthogonal perforation lines.

Perforation lines for the flyers

The paperweight rule applies best to the flyers. This is because the perforation lines in the flyers run parallel to each other. Additionally, there can’t be more than six lines. The one weighting 135 gsm is supposed to get the best result. Also, the minimum distance between each line should be 10 mm apart.

Perforation Lines for the leaflets

The leaflets also have the same set of rules when it comes to drawing the perforation lines. But, there are a couple of unique lines too. The lines should still run parallel. But in this case, they should also run parallel to the crease. There are only three perforation lines and the minimum distance between each of them is 60 mm. 

Perforation Lines for the Brochures

Only one perforation line can be inserted in each of a four-sided brochure. The lines must run parallel to the spine of the brochure and not into it. 

The ability to tear the perforated papers indeed makes it easier for the customers to keep the essential information on their side. But, the printing providers should also keep the rules in mind to prevent any costly mishaps.


We understand the demands of printing solutions using perforated papers. Therefore, to ensure that our customers have the best perforated papers, we at Vision Supply are dedicated to providing top-quality perforated papers to our customers. Be it a printing paper or a perforated ticket paper, you can get a wide variety of perforated paper at our place. Thus, you can always reach out to Vision Supply and get your product delivered.


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