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IoT Smart Home

By 2030, Global smart home market is expected to quadruple itself. It will boom from $80 to $338 Billion approximately.

The reasons contributing to this exponential growth are –

Increased smartphone penetration

Faster internet speeds

Higher convenience

Robust Security

Energy efficiency

All these points to a great opportunity for business to invest into IoT Smart home app right now. In this discussion, we will cover how IoT makes customers’ lives easier which are exactly the reasons for businesses to invest in the same. Be ready, because after going through this article you will find yourself availing IoT application development services.

Enhanced Convenience and Automation

The first and foremost is the reason for convenience. IoT Smart App uses features like automation to offer customers great convenience.

Customers can automate routine tasks, such as controlling lighting, heating, and cooling systems and manage them remotely through their smartphones or, even better, voice assistants.

For example, an IoT Smart Home app allows customers to schedule their smart lights to turn on automatically at sunset and off at bedtime.

This leads to better management of home appliances and reduces the daily burden of chores and electricity bills on the users.

Now, users are never walking into a dark home and can conserve energy much better.

Improved Security and Safety:

The safety and security of the residents in a home is another critical priority of users. IoT smart home solutions comprising security devices such as security cameras, smart locks, and motion sensors keep the closes possible watch to every activity in the house and deliver real-time monitoring of user’s home.

Additionally, they relay instant alerts to keep the users updated on their security status.

However, real magic happens when AI enters the picture. It enhances the capability of IoT smart home devices significantly to ensure ironclad security.

Here is what AI brings:

Smart Surveillance

AI-powered security cameras can differentiate between normal movements, such as that of pets or trees and that of potential threats, such as intruders.

Behavioral Analytics

Machine learning algorithms allow AI-based devices to recognize house-members, their voices and learn their usual patterns of movement and the respective routines of household members. They will identify any unusual activity, such as movement at odd hours or movements in restricted areas and trigger an alert. This allows the homeowner to carry out proactive security measures in case of children, elderly or mentally unstable people.

So, if children move into potentially dangerous areas like kitchen or basement or an elderly leave has fell on the ground, it will trigger alerts for caregivers to check on them.

Althogh this raises the question of the privacy of the residents, that a tricky area and you should discuss this with experts in a machine learning development company.

Predictive Maintenance and Anomaly Detection

With AI in the smart home system, it becomes easier to monitor the health and performance of security devices. AI can predict potential failures or if there is a requirement of maintenance before they become critical.

It can also detect anomalies in device behavior, one of the many indicators of tampering or cyber-attacks into the smart home system.

So, if you are thinking of investing in Smart home solutions, it’s better to make sure that they are AI enabled given all these advanced benefits, because the future belongs to smart technologies like AI and IoT.

Now, let’s move to the next reason for investing in IoT home solutions.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

The challenge of energy is both global and local. While countries around the world are looking for energy saving solutions, individual homeowners want to cut down on their energy bills. Thus, yet another reason to invest in IoT smart home solution because they are the solution.

They reduce energy consumption by real-time management of smart devices such as thermostats, lighting, and plugs.

For example, a smart thermostat will learn a user’s daily schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly. It will lower the heat when they are not home and warm the house before they return.

Therefore, not only saving energy b A smart thermostat learns a customer’s daily schedule and adjusts the temperature, accordingly, lowering the heat when they are not home and warming the house before they return, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced overall environmental footprint.

Remote Monitoring and Control

How about providing a solution that allows users to operate their home appliance remotely?

Remote controlling of smart devices is a solution that helps user in multiple ways:

Energy management: Controlling devices when they are not present in a room or in the house.

Convenience: Better time management by controlling devices from one single point remotely or otherwise.

Safety: Preventing mishaps due to electricity and fire.

Remote operability of smart devices is especially important in cases of dependent family members such as elderlies and children.  

It gives users flexibility and control over their home environment especially when they are around.

Types of IoT application Development Services for Businesses

We have discussed how smart IoT solutions are modernizing home living, but it does not mean they are restricted to that.

Here are some IoT smart solutions that you can think of for your businesses. Here are the top ones:

Smart Warehouse Management System

An intelligent warehouse management system will monitor your inventory, track assets, and optimize logistics operations. Thus, it will help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart IoT devices will automate building systems to improve energy efficiency. But more importantly, they are smart enough to create an environment conducive for high productivity.

Thus, cost savings with increased employee satisfaction.

Smart IoT Factory Solutions

How about letting your factory equipment talk about their health and condition?

IoT smart factory solutions use connected sensors and machines for predictive maintenance. This helps factory owners to optimize production lines and improve worker safety.

Thus, resulting in higher productivity and reduced downtime.

Intelligent IoT Retail Store Solutions

Smart IoT solutions for retail stores provide inventory tracking for better demand-supply management, customer analytics to enhance services, and offer a personalized in-store experience to the customer.

Combined together, they drive sales of your retail store while helping you gain customer loyalty.


IoT smart home solutions are the next big thing in b2c technology space. Their rapid growth is one clear indicator of this. It makes life for residents easier and peaceful and that is why businesses should invest in this space.

We have seen how IoT is making home smart offering high level convenience and safety.

Hope now you are ready to tag with the Best Digital Transformation company in Gurgaon to get you the best IoT application development services.

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