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Do you want to buy an electric water heater? Many people prefer electric versions to other options available on the market. Today, you can come across highly advanced products with top-quality features. Several manufacturers offer various types of products to suit the ever-emerging needs of different people. Here are the key aspects to bear in mind when purchasing an electric hot water heater;

Consider your requirements and choose the right capacity

Different products come with varying capacities nowadays. You must choose the right one according to your specific needs. Do you have a nuclear family? If you have 4 or 5 members in your family, you can choose a tank with a reasonable capacity. You can opt for an electric water heater with a 25-litre tank capacity. Large families should opt for water heaters with higher water storage capacity. Be mindful about your requirements and choose the right size based on these needs.

Understand the relationship between price and energy efficiency

Look for a product that falls within your budget. However, never overlook the importance of energy efficiency. You can save a lot of money and energy if you buy an energy-efficient electric heater. It is always advisable to search for star-rated products because their energy efficiency is higher than other models. A five-star rating is the best choice. However, the price of these models might be a bit higher. Once you make the initial investment, they will keep saving money for several years. The bottom line is that you should find a product that strikes the perfect balance between price and energy efficiency. Keep in mind the cost savings in the long run. 

Evaluate the durability of your water heater

Once you make an investment, it should yield the best returns. Remember this critical aspect when looking for electric water heaters or other types of products, including heat pump water heaters NZ. Never choose a product that does not even last up to 5 years. The best products offer a longer lifespan of up to 10 to 15 years. Most manufacturers offer warranty periods between 2 to 4 years. When it comes to heating elements, reputed companies provide a warranty of up to 4 years. The containers often come with 5 to 7 years of warranty. Consider all these aspects carefully. Compare the longevity and warranty periods of different products. Then, you can make an informed choice.    

Focus on the quality of the tank and heating element

The tank always has to deal with water. Therefore, it should be sturdy enough to last for several years. Hard water can cause corrosion in the tank and also lead to scaling. So, assess the quality of the tank carefully before making a purchase decision. Also, the heating element is a vital factor. It always comes in contact with water like the tank. Therefore corrosion can be a major concern. Buy an electric water heater with a top-quality heating element with high resistance to corrosion.   

These are the most significant aspects you should bear in mind while hunting for electric water heaters. Research well to make informed decisions that deliver the best value for money.    


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