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Essays are long writing assignments that are written to inform the readers about a particular subject. It requires a writer to conduct thorough research about the topic to make their piece informative. So, an effective document needs your time, attention, analytical skills and knowledge. Therefore, you may find writing difficult, so there are essay typer free tools for your help. In addition, selecting the type of essay you will write to deliver an impressive write-up is crucial. Sometimes, colleges already give you the project you want to construct, and sometimes you have to decide. 

Moreover, you will know more about the different types of essays in this article.

8 Different Types of Essays that You Should Know About

Selection of the type of essay you want to write is the first step of the process. For that purpose, it’s crucial to know about its parts and their meaning in detail. So, here is the list of 8 different types of essay writing for you. 

Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays, as its name suggests, give a brief description of the subject. This type of write-up requires you to describe some situation, object, person, emotion, etc. You can use vivid imagery to make the reader imagine the situation, place or emotion. For this genre, you have to make your writing creative and engaging by which you can grab the reader’s interest in the story. 

Process Essay

Process writing is a type of expository writing that answers the question of how to do something or how it works. As its name suggests, it explains a step-by-step process of doing something. Such essays include the following elements:

1. Introduction: To introduce about the process

2. Body: Explain the step-by-step approach to it. 

3. Conclusion: Summarizing the process and its results.

Problem & Solution Essay

This type of essay gives the solution to a specific problem, in which first you have to explain a cause and then give its solution. In such documents, you connect two situations and propose to make them interrelated. For example, you may explain a problem like coronavirus, so you have to give specific measures that could help people to fight against it. In this way you can frame your write-up.

Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essays are a kind of investigatory essay that requires you to study a problem from every possible dimension. You can use diverse viewpoints from various sources to make your project multifaceted. Such write-ups allow you to explore different ideas and notions about the subject. You can use social media or the internet to carry out your analyses. Thus, researching for such a paper helps you to gain knowledge and valuable insights.

Sequential Essay

As its name suggests, a sequential essay explains a subject in chronological order. Such documents are time-based and explain the issue in a series of actions, making it easier for the readers to understand. For example; you are writing the biography of Shakespeare, so you will follow the chronological order, starting with his childhood, youth, work life and so on. Thus, you must have understood its use and purpose.

Persuasive Essay

As its name suggests, these are written in a persuasive tone. The principal purpose of such essays is to convince the reader by using facts or examples. You can make emotional connections with the subject to make it more relatable. However, assignments like these require time, energy, knowledge and skills. You may find it challenging in that case, so consider taking online assignment help to save time.

Classification Essay

Classification essays are a type of expository writing where you have to categorize the subject of your write-up. It would help if you classified people, situations, ideas or concepts into different groups according to their characteristics. The main aim of this is to help the reader understand the differences and relationships between certain things. It helps you and your reader learn about various aspects and things.

Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are such write-ups, where you need to convince the readers by presenting arguments. You can use facts and data to influence your reader to choose a side. For example; you can write a document arguing about the negative influence of social media on the newer generation. You can use evidence to support your argument. Moreover, for writing such a paper you have to develop the skill of expression.


In conclusion, through this article, you have explored different types of essay writing, like descriptive, exploratory, argumentative, classification, and more. However, it is crucial to know that whenever you complete writing your paper, do not miss proofreading it. As, it ensures that your essay is error-free and clear. You can also use tools like essay typer free, which can help you draft documents effortlessly. Moreover, you can read the above article to get clarity about the types of essays and to get high grades in your document.


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