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Women’s watches have evolved to become much more than mere accessories in the past two decades. This evolution in the past two decades have been driven by a number of factors which includes fashion trends, technological advancements, change in the lifestyle and the ever- changing consumer demands. Here in this article, we will be talking about what are the various factors that have led to the evolution of the cheap branded watches for women since the 2000s.

The Evolution of Ladies Watches

As the story begins, in the olden days the ladies’ watches were primarily made for aesthetics and fashion purpose only. But with the passage of time, the responsibilities of the women changed and now they not only take care of homes but also manage the outside businesses and other activities. As the society progressed, things changed and therefore the needs changed too. New watches started making their appearance into the market which had various features such as fitness tracker, stopwatch, notifications display, calls and messages tracker, etc. A modern woman needs much more than an analog watch and therefore we have the advanced technological watches for them too.

Key Drivers of Change in Ladies Watches

Technological Advancements

    The technology forward era has got a lot to offer and therefore in today’s time, we have a lot of features and functions installed in a watch. The smartwatches come loaded with various features and we cannot just go away without mentioning them. The smartwatches have various important and interesting features such as the GPS tracker, the heart- rate monitor, the steps calculator, and other notifications highlighter such as calls, messages, etc. All these things are essential for a woman working outside the comfort of her house in order to maintain her health, safety, etc.

    Changing Fashion Trends

    Fashion trends are ever-evolving, and every woman wants to stay up to date with the latest fashion trends. A modern woman demands watches which will be able to complement all her faces given that of an independent woman, the feminine beauty, the sports lover, etc. The demand for versatile designs, elegance and affordable watches for women has driven manufacturers to create designs that can beautifully switch from modern day watches to the night part watches and therefore styling is important.

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    Enhanced Durability and Performance

    A modern woman in today’s time has to stay active throughout the day. Therefore, it becomes important that the watches that they wear are strong and durable ones. The watchmakers therefore pay more attention to the quality and the strength of the watches to ensure that a person does not regret the price paid for the watch anytime soon. The watches are made by keeping in mind that they should be made waterproof and carbon fibre bodied to ensure that they are strong and also water resistant.

    Two Notable Improvements and Modernisations in Ladies Watches Since the 2000s

    Smartwatch Technology

    The coming up of smartwatches brought about a revolution in the industry. Keeping in mind the daily chores that a woman has to go through, the brands have come up with features that will fit into their busy schedules and help them grow. Brands like Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit have introduced watches that offer various kinds of features such as in call messaging, fitness tracker, notifications, and apps. These watches have become essential tools for managing both personal and professional lives, blending technology with style.

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    The key features of the smart watches includes the following:

    Health, fitness and daily activity tracking

    Smartphone notifications such as calls and messages

    Interchangeable and customisable dial and watch faces

    GPS and navigation

    Music control

    Interchangeable Straps

    Women have always been keen in fashion and outfits. Therefore, it was a necessity to make watch with such a feature that the same watch can be used for various purposes and can match different outfits all at once. The interchangeable straps have therefore become the new found love of the generation as they can easily change the straps of the same watch which helps in completing different outfits even without changing the watches at all. Different watch brands like Daniel Wellington, Casio and Skagen have popularised this concept, who offer a range of strap options in different materials and colours.

    Key Features:

    Easy strap interchangeability

    Variety of materials (leather, metal, carbon fibre, silicone)

    Wide range of colours, patterns and designs


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