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Balloons are a party staple. They add a pop of colour and fun to any celebration. However, while choosing the best balloons for your occasion, you might be stranded between latex or foil. You can stand for hours at the store and be unable to choose the right one for you. To make your decisions easier, we will discuss the pros and cons of these in this blog. To make your party smoother, you can skip the hassle of picking up the decorations yourself and send balloons online Delhi. So, let’s continue reading to pick the perfect decor for your next party.

Understanding the difference between latex and foil

Selecting the material is the first decision that you have to make before purchasing balloons for an event. The most common types are mylar or latex. The latter is made of natural rubber, which makes it more versatile and ideal for various decors. For example, think of arches or columns. Alternatively, the foil balloons are made from metallic film, which adds a glossy element to your event. They are reusable and have excellent helium retention. Therefore, they remain inflated for longer.


Latex balloons

They are made from natural rubber. These are a stretchy and biodegradable option for your party. They can be filled with helium or air and can be used as a party decor.

Foil or mylar balloons

These are constructed from a thin, metallic nylon film. They create a sturdy and non porous design, which helps them last longer.

Float Time

Latex balloons

Due to the porous nature of latex, the helium gas slowly escapes. This results in a low floating time of around 1-2 days.

Foil balloons

The tighter seal of foil balloons allows the gas to stay trapped for a longer period. Therefore, these balloons generally last for several days or even up to two weeks. If you are willing to send balloons online Delhi, these are a perfect choice.


Latex balloons

The idea of getting cheaper balloons for your event can be enticing. You may be tempted to cut corners in such scenarios and settle for the budget friendly ones. But it must be noted that the cheaper ones have an unpleasant smell and can even blister your hands while inflating them. Moreover, they may not even last throughout the party, which can be the biggest downside.

Foil balloons

In contrast to them, the foil balloons are a wise investment. They may be a bit pricier but can last for weeks. They will not only elevate your decor but will eliminate the stress of balloons popping before the event. To get such decor for your party, you can order birthday balloons online.


Latex balloons

They are more prone to popping due to their delicate nature and sensitivity to sharp objects. If you are hosting a party outdoors, these are not recommended, as they can not withstand temperature changes.

Foil balloons

These are more durable than latex and can withstand nicks and tears more easily. These durable balloons will withstand harsh treatment during transportation and setup.

Design and Cost

Latex balloons

They have simpler design options and are mostly available in a wide range of solid colours. They are generally less expensive than their counterparts.

Mylar balloons

They offer a wide variety of shapes and designs. For example, you can get them in various designs, like your kid’s favourite cartoon characters or animals. Furthermore, they can even be customized with printed messages or characters. If you are looking for such decorations, you can order birthday balloons online. However, due to their custom designs, they tend to be more costly than latex balloons.

Environmental Impact

Latex balloons

These are an eco friendly choice as they decompose naturally.

Foil balloons

They can take a very long time to break down in landfills. Therefore, it is essential to dispose of them safely to reduce the ecological effect. You can deflate these balloons and keep them stored away for another time. Alternatively, if they are not useful anymore, you can throw them away in a garbage bin.

Choosing the right balloons

Finally, selecting the correct balloons depends on the aesthetics and practicality of your event. However, things like sustainability are also taken into consideration. By understanding the difference between different types of balloons, you can make an informed choice.

Ending notes

So now that you are armed with this knowledge, you can confidently choose the best decor for your next party. To make things easier for you, you can contact Exotica Gifting. They send balloons online Delhi and can make your event more memorable with same day delivery options. If you have bulk requirements, they offer competitive rates and discounts with no hidden costs. Connect with them today to receive prompt customer service and a hassle free experience and make your day more special.


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