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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Exam three times a year, representing a significant milestone for those aspiring to become chartered accountants in India. As the session draws near, this guide provides a clear and straightforward path for registration.

This guide includes essential details on eligibility criteria, registration procedures, fees, and important dates for the 2025 CA Inter Registration Date. By carefully following these instructions, you can streamline the process and confidently prepare for the upcoming CA Intermediate Registration 2025 examination.

Verify Your Enrollment for the 2025 CA Inter Registration Date

Attention aspiring Chartered Accountants! The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has opened registration for the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date exam. You can conveniently register online via the ICAI website until September 1, 2024.

The registration fees are Rs. 18,000 for both groups and Rs. 13,000 for one group. To qualify for the May exam, complete your registration at least eight months in advance. By registering early and following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth path for your 2025 CA Inter Registration Date. Additionally, to avoid any last-minute surprises, be sure to often check the ICAI website for news or updates.

The ICAI conducts the CA Intermediate Registration 2025 test three times a year, making the May session particularly significant for many aspiring accountants. Exams are scheduled in January, May/June, and September. To meet eligibility requirements, it is essential to register for the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date at least eight months in advance, even though the exact date has yet to be announced. Registrations completed in 2024 will be valid for five years.

There are two pathways to eligibility: passing the CA Foundation Exam or using the Direct Entry Route, which is available to graduates and postgraduates. Therefore, regularly check the ICAI website for announcements to stay updated. Enrolling promptly when registration begins will ensure a smooth start to your CA Inter Registration for May 2025 journey.

Qualifications for the 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Exam

Are you thinking about registering for the CA Intermediate Registration 2025? The following is the crucial knowledge you require:

Academic Requirements : You must earn a recognized certification comparable to or beyond the passing score on the CA Foundation test.
Age Limit : There’s no maximum age.- Early Registration: Make sure you sign up no later than eight months beforehand.
Remain Up to Date: Visit the ICAI website often to see what’s new.
Accurate Documentation : To prevent any delays, make sure you submit the necessary paperwork on time.

Important Dates for May 2025 CA Intermediate Registration

Don’t miss the opportunity to register for the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date exam! The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) enforces strict deadlines, making timely submission crucial to maintain eligibility.

Key registration deadline: September 1, 2024. Failing to meet this date could delay your exam attempt, highlighting the importance of early registration. Stay informed by regularly visiting the official ICAI website for updates and announcements regarding the 2025 CA Inter Registration Date.

How to Choose Your CA Intermediate Registration Route

Embarking on the journey toward the May 2025 CA Intermediate exam entails understanding the two primary registration pathways available:

Direct Entry: Tailored for Graduates

Graduates and postgraduates can directly enroll in the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date program. This pathway suits individuals with a strong academic background and specific eligibility criteria:

– Commerce graduates/postgraduates require a minimum of 55% aggregate marks.
– Non-commerce graduates/postgraduates must achieve at least 60% aggregate marks.

Meeting these criteria establishes a solid foundation for success at the CA Inter Registration Date level and beyond as a Chartered Accountant.

Foundation Route: Establishing a Strong Base

For individuals without a graduate degree, the Foundation Route provides a clear pathway. The pivotal initial step is passing the CA Foundation exam, a prerequisite for the CA Inter Registration. Thorough preparation and success in this exam demonstrate readiness for the CA Intermediate Registration 2025 level, laying a robust foundation for your Chartered Accountancy journey.

Choosing Your Path

Both the Direct Entry and Foundation Route lead to May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Registration. Assess your qualifications carefully to determine the most suitable path for your Chartered Accountancy aspirations. This decision will bring you closer to achieving your professional goals in the field.

Keeping an Eye on the Budget for CA Inter Registration Fees

Exam Group Fees:
– Both Groups: Rs. 18,000 (US$1,000)
– Single Group (Group 1 or Group 2): Rs. 13,000 (US$600)

Additional Fees:
– Students’ Activities Fee: Rs. 2,000 (one-time)
– Registration Fee for Articled Assistants: Rs. 1,000

Stay Updated:
– Check for Changes: The official ICAI website is the place to go for the most recent information on fees, which are subject to change.
-Recurring Attempts: There can be a registration cost for every exam try.

Important Note:
While this overview offers a general guideline, always refer to the ICAI website for the most accurate and current information to avoid any unexpected issues.

Providing Assistance During the 2025 CA Intermediate Exam Registration Process

To sign up for the CA Inter Registration test in May 2025, follow these steps:

Examine the Website: Go to []( and click on the “Students Services” page.
2. Selecting Cells: Pick “entry-level forms” and make sure you fill out all the fields that are necessary.

3. Generate OTP: After completing the form and obtaining an OTP, watch for the email address and phone number you registered to get your login credentials.
4. Log In: Enter your login information to continue with the registration process.
5. Upload papers: Complete the payment process as soon as possible by providing all required documents.
Save Receipt: The final step is to preserve your May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date paperwork registration receipt.

Documentation Needed to Register as an Intermediate CA

Make sure you complete the following actions within seven days of finishing your online registration for the 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Exam:

1. Submit the Registration Form: Choose your desired ICAI regional office, fill out the registration form, print it, sign it, and mail it.

2. Provide Proof of Education: – CA Foundation Route: Provide a certificate of passing an equivalent test or an authentic transcript from class twelve.
– Direct Entry Route: Enclose a certified copy of your post-graduation/graduation grade report or a comparable ICSI/ICMAI document.

3. Attach a Photo: When printing your registration form, attach a current color photo to it.

4. If applicable, provide any other documents:
– International Candidates: Submit a certified copy of your citizenship.
– Special Categories: Add a certificate of attestation for OBC, SC/ST, and those with disabilities.

Timely completion of these steps is crucial to finalize your registration process effectively.

Advice for a Smooth CA Intermediate Registration Process

Careful preparation and prompt action are essential to successfully traverse the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Exam. Start the procedure as soon as possible to prevent last-minute obstacles or technological problems. Allow enough time to collect the required paperwork and thoroughly understand the requirements in order to guarantee a smooth registration process.

Furthermore, it is imperative that you check your papers for correctness and proper format before submitting them. It is crucial to pay attention to details since providing inaccurate or incomplete information might lead to the rejection of your CA Inter Registration. It is equally important to be informed about news and updates about the CA Inter Registration for May 2025 Exam on the ICAI website. Throughout the registration season, setting reminders for important dates and deadlines can help you keep informed and on schedule.

When questions come up during the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date Exam procedure, it’s best to ask for clarification right away. Making use of resources such as the ICAI hotline and seeking advice from experts with relevant expertise guarantees clarity, reduces the possibility of mistakes, and yields insightful information. Early resolution of concerns reduces waiting times and improves productivity.

Moreover, keeping thorough records of every document for future reference protects against inconsistencies. You will have no trouble registering for the CA Inter Registration test if you carefully follow these instructions.

As a result, it is critical to make proactive use of the resources at hand and ask for help when needed in the May 2025 CA Inter Registration Date. This proactive strategy greatly enhances the overall success and smoothness of the registration process.


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