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Healthcare is a complex system. With an increasing population, the delivery of healthcare has also become a daunting task. One might get trapped in the web of endless visits and long waiting times to the emergency department, causing delays in the appropriate care. 

Medical case management services successfully bridge the gap between the healthcare department and the patient. With medical case management services, it is much easier to navigate the healthcare journey, ensuring the delivery of the healthcare at the ideal time.

The sole purpose of these services is to simplify numerous tasks and achieve the goals of providing successful treatment through planning, coordinating, implementing, and evaluating outcomes.

Objectives of medical case management services:

  • Increase ability to manage injuries, accidents, physical and mental well-being and utilize medical emergency services when needed.
  • Promote the ability of the people to integrate with the healthcare system with the support of case management companies.
  • Implement remote triage on the spot to reduce potential complications and stabilize the situation outside the hospital environment.
  • Identify the gaps and break down all barriers between the community and healthcare.
  • Enhance the quality of life of the patients.

Process flow of medical case management in workplace injuries:

Workplace injuries require immediate attention even if it appears to be a minor sprain on the ankle. With heavy workforces around, accidents are inevitable. Medical case management services help in addressing workplace mishaps in a much more disciplined manner, avoiding panic and anxiety with prompt assistance.

Screening : 

Case managers appointed for the case are reliable for screening the injuries on the initial level. Information to be collected during the screening includes the nature and extent of the injury, past relevant medical history, medicinal history, etc. This screening helps in the categorization of the injury into minor, major, and severe. Screening also involves documentation of the symptoms and medical history. This screening helps in making prior referrals and also assesses the psychological status of the patient.

Planning : 

After careful assessment and screening, these services help in setting up goals and treatment plans. Required resources and necessary referrals are made in this phase to address the major injuries that require an emergency department visit. Case managers coordinate with the physicians and plan out the appointment schedules and visits.


Care coordination: 

This phase involves the implementation of the curated plan. Case managers organize and modify the services required for the treatment, along with the allocation of resources to meet the needs of the patient.

Case managers also keep the family members updated regarding the treatment plans and associate with insurance companies to ensure smooth claims for the treatment

Following- up : 

This phase of management focuses on reviewing, evaluating, and monitoring the improvement in the health of the patient. To evaluate the successful outcome of the treatment plan, follow-up is a must.

Why should you choose case management services?

Safety: management services work for the safety of the individual. With immediate assistance, these services avoid the state of panic and stress and calmly handle the entire scenario.

Effectiveness: the treatment plan curated at the right time is most effective and offers the best results. It is more convenient to save money and effort by intervening at the earliest.

Patient-centered: these services focus on the benefit of the patient. Every step is for the betterment of the future.

Cost-effective: It is both cost-effective and pocket-friendly as it saves you from countless visits to the emergency department and unnecessary expenses on tests.

Equitable: these services are unbiased and are the same for each individual regardless of their age, gender, religion, or income.

Work partner USA and their case management services:

Work partner USA provides prompt services at the time of injury. With a dedicated team of physicians to treat you, we provide exquisite care to the employees, ensuring a safe and speedy recovery. Our doctors provide guidance and support at every step of the way, so you can rest assured and entrust us with all your medical needs.


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