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Realistic prop money is used to add authenticity in the movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment. That’s why it is an important tool for the entertainment industries. Anyways, it can be risky because of the possibility of crossing the limit of fiction and felony. In this article, we will discuss the legal use of realistic prop movie money.

What is Realistic Prop Money?


Realistic prop money is also familiar as play money or fake money like movie money. It is fake currency that is used for visual purposes in media production. 

The Use of Realistic Props Bills

Because of the use in the movies the money is called movie money. It has been used for decades. The production companies use it to create realistic-looking scenes that are involved in large amounts of cash deals. These props bills look like real money but there should be some wording such as “USE ONLY FOR MOTION PICTURE” or “THIS BILL IS NOT LEGAL TENDER”. Using these bills filmmakers can avoid the risk of the damage of real bills. Also it is a very cost-effective solution. Moreover, this type of money can be used multiple times. It also allows them more creative freedom in terms of using different denominations and creating custom-made bills.

Different Types and Quality Levels Available

The movie money may be different types and quality levels. Some companies offer high-quality fake money that is produced with the specialised paper, ink, and printing techniques to mimic the real notes. This type of money is used in big productions that are more expensive than regular props bills. Authenticbillsforsale is a type of company. They are a team of experts and have been working for a long time to produce fake bills and props that have all the security features. 

Low Budget Props Bills

On the other hand, there are also budget friendly options that are not the same like real notes but undetectable on the camera. These types of money have a potential risk and need to carefully shoot without making a very close shot.

The Legal Aspect

Exploring the Legal Implications of Using

We have discussed before that using or producing real looking money props like real notes have some legal obstacles. Most of the countries in the world consider it as a form of counterfeiting. As a result, it can lead to charges such as forgery, fraud, or even conspiracy.

For The United States

The Federal Reserve has strict guidelines for the United States to produce and use the prop currency. According to the Federal Reserve, the bills should be a little smaller or longer than the real notes. Also, the bills should be marked with the disclaimers like we have known before. Without following these guidelines can result in fines and imprisonment.

How to Use It Legally
Guidance on Obtaining Permission and Using Props in Compliance with the Law

To avoid any type of legal issue, it is recommended to take the permission of the proper authorities before using the duplicate money on the camera. The permission includes the approval of the Federal Reserve or your local government agency who are responsible to produce currency and distribution.

It is also mandatory to mark the bills from both sides with the disclaimers like entertainment purposes only or only for media production. The markings should be very clear. Moreover, the marking must not be easily removed or altered. After that choose to use this type of movie money.

Tips for Creators to Avoid Legal Issues
  • Use Watermarked Movie Money: A way to keep yourself stay out of the legal boundaries is clear watermarks. Besides, other types of security features that will not be like real bills. So, keep it in mind before producing or using this type of money.
  • Limit On-Screen Time: The less time your money props will get on the screen, the greater the possibility not to understand the realism of the money. Make closer shots but for little time and only use it for the necessary storytelling. 
  • Consult Legal Experts: If you are new in the entertainment industry and don’t have enough knowledge about the law, you should contact a legal professional who specialises in entertainment law. 
That Should Always Keep In Mind
  • Always ensure your movie money is significantly different from real currency.
  • Must restore the detailed records of the prop or fake money you have purchased and used.
  • Train your crew to handle play money responsibly to avoid accidental misuse.


Navigating the legality of using realistic prop money is a complex but essential task for filmmakers and content creators. If you have clear understanding and practice about the money props you will be able to use it effectively and safely. If you have further questions or need specialized guidance, consider consulting with a legal professional to ensure you’re fully compliant.


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