Olight Headlamp Review: A Quick, Bright, and Light Option for hunting

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Olight is a renowned brand for creating a wide array of lights. The brand takes pride in making the best quality flashlight. The brand is known for its wide range of products like headlamps, self-defense lights, bicycle lights, and other accessories. It makes use of cutting-edge technology t make the best quality lights.

About Olight- A Brief Overviiiew

Olight is a Chinese company that was started in the year 2007. It is a renowned flashlight brand that Fox Fan founded. Over the years, it has expanded its product line, and today it offers an array of flashlights and headlamps. The brand is based out in The, headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and operates in Georgia, United States.

Olight product line

  • EDC light
  • Weapon light
  • Outdoor light
  • Tactical light
  • Ambient light
  • Headlamp

Different categories of Olight headlamps

This section of the article unfolds the key products under the Olight headlamp category; check out the list below.

Perun Series- Two products fall into this segment: Perun and Perun Mini

Perun Review

Perun is the first product in our category of all, like headlamps. It is a multifunctional elimination tool. This headlamp is powered by a 3500mAh 18650 battery and gives a maximum illumination of 2,000 lumens.

Its smaller size makes it handy and easy to carry. Moreover, the hands-free right-angle light gives the user enough illumination. It comes with an inbuilt infrared distance sensor that detects obstructing objects nearby.

It is waterproof and has a water-resistant rating of IPX8. It comes with a pocket clip for easy attachment. Moreover, it has an optional magnetic head strap making it easy to carry.

It is available in five different colors, and you can choose the best one that matches your preferences. Moreover, it is highly durable and has passed the drop test of 1.5 m.

Olight Headlamp- Why It’s the Best on the Market

The next Olight headlamp we have is the Perun mini. It is the latest addition to its illumination light segment. It is ergonomic Ali designed to help you easily hold it. Moreover, it is powered by an IMR16340 rechargeable lithium battery.

This is a multifunctional tool that offers an illumination of 1000 humans. You can use it as a headlamp or also as a headband. The Velcro patch present with this headlamp makes it easier for you to attach it to your backpack. It can be rotated at 60°, giving you enough coverage angle. It is a convenient tool that weighs only 52 g. It’s a competition. This is yours to accommodate in your backpack and carry with you on your trip.

Parent mini is also highly durable and has passed the 1.5 m drop test. It is water resistant and has a water-resistant rating of IPX8. All this makes for a mini headlamp, a powerful yet compact tool for all outdoor lovers.

It is available in five colors: black, orange, desert, golden yellow, and desert camouflage. It is priced in the range of $64.95.

H05 Series-This is yet another category of light headlamps.

H05S Review– The next product in our old light headlamp segment is H05S. It is compact and delivers a maximum illumination of 2000 lm. It is powerful enough to provide coverage of up to 60 m distance. It allows you to choose from different light options: three white lights at two red lights.

This olight headlamp can be tilted up to 45 degrees, giving you enough. It is compact and weighs only 2.38oz. It comes with a plastic nylon strap, making it easier for you to wear this headlamp. The double-press top button makes it easier to switch between different light options. Moreover, it comes with a hand wave control. You can wave your hand from a distance of 5 to 20 m. You can control the power on and off of this lamp. The headlamp kills up to an angle of 45°, letting you focus on the required area. It also comes with a low battery indicator, making it easier to analyze whether the battery is dropping down, and you can charge it immediately.


This was a brief overview of the different categories of Olight headlamps. If you love trekking and hiking and are looking for the best option, then investing in an Olight headlamp is a good choice.

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