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Plug and Play Cat6 Plenum Cable For Successful Networking

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There are more than networking devices offered by different ISPs (Internet Service Providers) with different speed ratings like 20, 50, or 100 Mbps. But which cable is the ideal bridge to serve the right type of speed? To resolve your confusion here is a guide about the speed booster or speed stabilizer “The Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable”. Take your seat and just read this guide about the UTP cat6 cable and Cat 6 plenum shielded cable where to use and how it transfers the speed from your server to other devices. 

If not used to the LAN cables the main aspect of ethernet cable is the conductor. Rest is an important factor for installing and protecting the cable from external interference. Read this guide to untie your cabling problems and choose the right type. Starting with the conductor type. 

What Is a Bare Copper Conductor?

The core part of the ethernet cable is the conductor which can carry electrical signals from one device to another. The Ethernet Cables are known as low-voltage twisted pair cables. But sometimes there is a need for running high-density applications like PoE, VoIP, or UHD video streaming that makes your conductor get overheated due to the bulk data transmission. 

The bare copper conductor is what is likely to overcome these mishaps of overheating the conductor and lowering the pace of signal transmission. Bare copper is a pure conductor without mixing of additional materials and delivers full potential conductivity. 

There are benefits of Cat6 plenum ethernet cable with bare copper conductor, The bare copper has low electrical resistance, and anti-corrosive properties, and is good for PoE applications. Theoretically, it can bear up to 90 watts of voltage for PoE++ for surveillance and security purposes. 

Bulk cat6 plenum cable is a gigabit cable with 23 AWG conductor size and it exhibits maximum potential benefits for your server needs demanding high data transfer rates. On the other hand, there is another type of conductor you will find in the cat6 plenum 1000ft. In copper-clad Aluminum, the ratio of copper and aluminum is 30:70, where copper is 30% and aluminum is 70%. They are for just shorter lengths and if prolonged the cable becomes susceptible to crosstalk and deviate signals frequently. For temporary installation needs you can choose CCA Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable. But for maximum performance, bulk cat6 plenum bare copper cable is enough. 

Now peek into the internal structure of the cat6 plenum cable that makes you idealize the cable features from its previous cat5e cable.

Cat6 Plenum Internal Structure

The internal structure of the bulk cat6 plenum cable is improved and also kinda sophisticated to make it amplify the signal, bandwidth, and speed. The internal structure of the cat6 plenum ethernet cable has 8 separated conductors. But if you peel the cable jacket (Plenum) you will see a tight zigzag pattern of twisted pair. There are a total of 4 twisted pairs inside the cable which makes it feasible for 8P8C (RJ45). 

The twists per inch of Cat6 plenum cable is 5-6 which enhances the flow of electrical current without interfering with outside stray signals. The twisted pair design reduces the crosstalk and EMI interference to the minimum. This decrease in crosstalk will eventually boost the helpful signal integrity in video conferencing and other major applications. 

There is another major component in the Bulk Cat6 Plenum cable — the Spline. It is a cross-skeleton structure which is known as a twisted pair separator or cable separator. It will reduce the effect of pair-to-pair crosstalk which is known as signal killer. 

Furthermore, the Cat6 cable has a rip cord thread to cut the jacket of the ethernet cable. The addition of a ripcord is to protect the conductor while cutting the cable jacket. While termination, you should focus on cutting the jacket without damaging the conductors or else you will feel slow speed or frequent network errors. 

Speed Of Cat6 Plenum Ethernet Cable

After the conductor, the speed is the next demanding thing when choosing the ethernet cable. For cat6 plenum cable, there are two-speed ratings — 164ft (Shorter Length) or 328ft (Longer Length). The 23 AWG conductor size will allow the maximum transmission (Bandwidth) of 550 MHz which is perfect for PoE/+/++. 

At 328ft installation length, the bulk cat6 plenum 1000ft cable delivers 1000 Mbps speed (1 Gbps). But if you use this cable over 164ft, Cat6 plenum ethernet cable will provide 10 Gbps speed. That is why it is suitable for most advanced ethernet applications. 

The topmost compatible ethernet applications are 100/1000BASE-T, 10GBASE-T, 2.5 GHz Ethernet, and 5 GHz Ethernet. The cable can be used for gaming purposes with high-resolution games. 

Difference Between Shielded and Unshielded Cables

What is the major difference between Cat 6 shielded plenum cable and UTP bulk cat6 plenum cable? The major difference is the presence of an insulation layer made of Foil or Braid Mess. The mechanism of ethernet cable is very easy: the server sends the signals and the signals are received on the other end of the device. 

But when the signals are being transmitted they may be influenced by the environment which is active for EMI or RFI interference. To overcome this signal interference, Cat6 plenum shielded (F/UTP) is the most common type of cable to use for installation purposes. 

There are other variants for the Cat 6 shielded plenum cable S/UTP (Braided Shielded), U/FTP (Foil Twisted Pair), and S/FTP (Braided/Foil Twisted Pair). You can choose the shielded type according to your needs. 

The Cat6 shielded plenum cable is only used where there are already clusters of power and network cables such environments are surely active with maximum interference. The Cat6 shielded plenum cable will fight these outer intruders and make signal quality seamless. Shielded cables can also be used for longer installation. 

However, the UTP cat6 plenum 1000ft cables do not have this insulation layer and the only mode to deviate the outer interference is through twisted pairs. There is no such thing as a Foil or Braided Mess sheath to protect the signal integrity. 

The Definition of Plenum Jacket

The appearance of ethernet cables is the same despite the colors. But when you need to buy a fire safety jacket, a plenum with the bare copper conductor is the best combination but a costly one. 

The plenum is rated as the outer jacket of the Cat6 ethernet cable. This plenum outer jacket is available in various colors. The main purpose of the cat6 plenum cable is to meet the fire safety regulations of the building. 

The plenum is not a usual plastic jacket but it is made of FEP-rated material which exhibits LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogens). This is one of the high flame-bearing jackets that not only restrict the flame progression but also emits non-toxic smoke upon burning. The indoor plenum cable is only for indoor installations. Use conduit to install the cable outdoors but it could be an expensive installation. 

Bulk Cat6 plenum cable is ready to be installed after terminating the cable. The most suitable spaces are HVAC systems, Attics, Above-raised floors, and Drop ceilings, and also can be substituted for riser spaces if you have enough budget. 

Is Cat6 Plenum Cable Used For Underground Wiring?

This is a frequently asked question about the Cat6 plenum 1000ft cable. But I’m afraid the plenum is not that strong to bear the internal environments of underground installation. The plenum is UV-resistant but it lacks waterproofing or external damage to the conductor. That is why it is forbidden to install the cable directly underground. 

There is another way you could use this cable for the underground wiring is by using a conduit which is an extra protective layer to protect your cable from internal hazardous factors. 

Final Thought

The Cat6 plenum ethernet cable is the upgraded version in the category of Ethernet Cables. The need for speed is associated with the gigabit Category 6 plenum cable. It can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes according to the speed of the server. 

If you are going to buy ethernet cable Cat6 plenum 1000ft with bare copper is recommended for various server needs. This cable covers the maximum potential to work for your networking demands and speed performance. 


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