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Transporting a vehicle across the United States involves careful planning, and understanding the impact of different seasons on auto transport can help you make informed decisions. Various factors such as weather conditions, demand fluctuations, and peak travel periods influence the cost and efficiency of shipping your car. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best times to ship your vehicle, highlighting the pros and cons of each season.

Spring: March to May

Spring is often considered an ideal time for auto transport. The weather is generally mild, and the demand for car shipping services starts to increase but hasn’t reached its peak.


  • Mild Weather: The absence of extreme weather conditions reduces the risk of delays and damage to vehicles.
  • Balanced Demand: Moderate demand means prices are reasonable and availability is good.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Easier to find flexible scheduling options with transport companies.


  • Allergies: Spring can bring high pollen levels, which might affect those with allergies during open transport.
  • Unpredictable Weather: Occasional spring storms or showers can still cause minor delays.

Summer: June to August

Summer is the peak season for auto transport due to high relocation rates and vacations. While this period offers many advantages, it also comes with some challenges.


  • High Availability: Many transport companies operate at full capacity, providing more options for consumers.
  • Convenient Timing: Ideal for families moving during school holidays and for those purchasing vehicles for summer road trips.


  • High Demand and Cost: Increased demand leads to higher shipping costs and potential delays.
  • Heat Impact: Extreme heat can affect the condition of vehicles, especially during long-distance hauls.

Fall: September to November

Fall is another favorable season for auto transport, combining mild weather with decreasing demand.


  • Optimal Weather: Similar to spring, fall offers mild weather conditions ideal for transport.
  • Decreased Demand: As demand starts to drop after summer, prices become more competitive.
  • Efficient Service: Transport companies often have more availability, leading to quicker turnaround times.


  • Back-to-School Rush: Early fall can still experience high demand due to back-to-school relocations.
  • Unpredictable Weather: Fall storms, especially in hurricane-prone areas, can cause disruptions.

Winter: December to February

Winter presents unique challenges for auto transport, particularly in regions prone to snow and ice. However, it can also be a cost-effective time to ship your vehicle.


  • Lower Demand: With fewer people moving during the holidays, transport services are less in demand, leading to lower prices.
  • Availability: Increased availability of transport services due to decreased demand.


  • Weather Delays: Snow, ice, and cold temperatures can cause significant delays and increase the risk of damage.
  • Holiday Schedules: The holiday season can affect scheduling and availability, leading to potential delays.


  1. What is the best season to transport my car? Spring and fall are generally considered the best seasons due to mild weather and balanced demand.
  2. How do weather conditions affect auto transport? Extreme weather conditions, such as snow, ice, and heat, can cause delays and increase the risk of vehicle damage during transport.
  3. Are auto transport prices higher in the summer? Yes, summer is the peak season for auto transport, resulting in higher prices due to increased demand.
  4. Can I transport my car during the holidays? Yes, but it’s important to plan ahead as availability may be limited and scheduling can be affected by holiday schedules.
  5. How can I prepare my car for winter transport? Ensure your vehicle is winterized, check antifreeze levels, and consider using enclosed transport to protect it from harsh weather conditions.


Understanding the seasonal considerations for auto transport in the USA can help you choose the best time to ship your vehicle. Spring and fall offer the most favorable conditions, while summer and winter come with their own sets of challenges and benefits. By planning ahead and considering these factors, you can ensure a smooth and cost-effective auto transport experience.


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