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Spying of any kind is never easy, let alone on Android phones. With lots of encryptions and safety measures in place for authentication, it is safe to say that Android phones offer good data protection.

But there are some instances where people want to spy on Android phones, they can be for different purposes like ensuring the safety of children.

For such exceptional cases, there are legal ways like mobile spying apps. These apps have many features that allow us to monitor the data of the target Android phone.

These features work by taking several accesses like to the camera and microphone of the device and granting permissions to the app.

In this article, we’ll learn about the features of Android spy apps, how they work, and the process of acquiring them.

How To Get Android Spy Apps?

Android spy apps are legitimate mobile monitoring applications that can be easily installed on any Android device in a few simple steps.

However, if you go to find one on your Play Store, you won’t be able to spot one. They can be found on the internet though.

They are designed in such a way that they won’t be discovered through the Play Store and avoid the risk of getting installed.

There are various Android spy apps present in the market like ONESPY, ONEMONITAR, CHYLDMONITOR, mSpy, etc.

To get your hands on these apps, you simply need to make payment for the package that suits your needs and can receive an email with your payment details and login credentials.

These emails will have an installation guide that can help you easily install the spy on the mobile device you want to monitor.

Even if you encounter any problem during or after installation, the support team people are always there to help you.

Once the Android spy app is downloaded and installed on your choice of target device, you can start monitoring and tracking the phone from your dashboard.

A dashboard is a platform where you will receive the data your Android monitoring application collects.

You will receive the information for the features you have chosen when purchasing the application. The rest of the features will not be available for you and thus any data will not be visible.

How Do Android Spy Apps Work?

To understand how Android spy applications work we need to know the permissions they take and the features they have.

Some of the permissions that Android spy apps need are:

App Permissions

Provide permission to access the microphone, camera, location, etc. so that the Android spyware apps can work to their full potential.

Device Admin Settings

Grant admin rights of the device to the application so that you can have full access permission to the device. This will also help you to avoid unintentional uninstallation of the app.

Battery Optimization

Whitelisting battery optimization enables the services of the Android Spy app to run even when other apps are shut down due to optimal battery settings.


This permission is granted for the Android spy app to view, control, and perform actions on the other installed apps.

Applications Usage Settings

With this setting, you will allow application usage permission to the Android Spy app.

Draw Over The App

This permission allows the Android spy app to draw over other apps installed on the phone. It lets override the app permissions and helps to monitor and track the apps.

Notification Remover

This setting is done to permit reading all notifications, it can also dismiss or snooze notifications related to other apps and Android spy apps. Notification remover can also control the Do Not Disturb mode and can switch it on or off.

Unknown App

This setting enables permission to update spy app versions in the future.

The Features Of Android Spy App

The Android spy software has many features, since it has full device permission, it can easily record calls, check your social media, track you down, and do much more.

Some of the features Android spy apps have are:

1. Hidden Call Recorder

A hidden call recorder is a feature that records and stores every call that is made through the targeted mobile device. You can also track the call history and contact list of the mobile device.

2. Live Mobile Location Tracker

The live mobile location tracker helps in tracking the device’s current location. It provides the address with latitude and longitude information and a map link as well.

3. Social Media Tracker

Social media tracker, tracks and monitors all the social media apps installed on the device like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Hike, etc.

It provides the chat history of every conversation that is made through the device, call recordings, and documents along with the information with whom these data have been exchanged.

4. Keylogger

Keyloggers record every keystroke made on the device, whether for chatting on social media applications or for emails and SMSs, the keylogger will record it all.

With the Android spy application, you will be able to tell on which platform these keystrokes have been made.

5. IP Access

This feature keeps recording the device’s IP address whenever it changes and the timestamp of the change.

The feature can come in handy when you’re trying to track down your loved ones and can’t access their current location in instances where the device gets switched off accidentally or due to battery drainage.

6. Internet Access

Internet tracker is a great feature of Android spy apps where they track every search history of the mobile device that is done via Google, Chrome, or any other web browser.

You can easily track the URLs visited by the mobile device you are trying to monitor and the timestamp of the searches.

7. Camera and Media Access

With camera and camera access, you can easily watch the pictures stored in its gallery no matter what type of password is used to lock it.

Other than that, having camera access allows you to randomly snap pictures with the rear and front cameras to learn more about the surroundings of the device’s owner.

8. Application Control

Application control gives you control over the apps installed on the target device. You can easily check how many and what types of applications are installed on the phone.

9. Live Commands

Live commands can be sent to the device to trace location, activate rear and front cameras, listen to the surrounding recording, etc.

These live commands work by providing information about the current timeline.

10. Surround Recording

Surround recording is a recorder that when activated records every audio that is made in the surroundings of the mobile device.

These features are really powerful and can thus be able to spy on any Android device with a single condition that the device version supports the Android spy app version.

In Conclusion

Spying is wrong and can cause repercussions when done with ill motivations. However, if you want to monitor your loved ones for safety reasons or employees to track their work then these Android spy software are one legal way to do the job.

Technology can be helpful or can cause disaster depending on our intentions and the way we use it, so choose wisely and responsibly.

Keep in mind that your actions not only affect you but the people around you as well.


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