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Recently, I came across Nostra, a game publishing platform – an innovative lock screen gaming platform promising unconstrained and seamless gameplay. At first, I was skeptical. But after researching more about their offerings for developers, I’m convinced Nostra is the game host I never knew I needed!

In this blog, I’ll talk about the key benefits I realised Nostra provides for publishing games across categories like casual, arcade, RPGs, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Nostra, the game publishing platform supports both Android and HTML5 games. Read on to see why I think every game developer should get their games on Nostra.

Instant Access to a Game Host’s Vast User Base

As developers, our biggest challenge is finding the right game host that can help us build an engaged user base for our games. With Nostra’s innovative lock screen gaming feature, my games can potentially be discovered by millions of users in an instant when published on their platform.

As a game host, Nostra already has over 90 million monthly active gamers waiting to play the next hit game. By removing friction points like downloads and signups, this game host allows users to easily try out new games and share them with friends. This presents a huge, readymade audience for me to tap into right from day one.

With Nostra as my game host, I don’t need to worry about budgets for user acquisition and marketing. Their robust algorithms as a game host ensure my game gets surfaced to relevant users. This gives my game a fair chance to succeed on their platform based purely on its quality. Quick access to the vast distribution that a game host like Nostra provides is every developer’s dream!

Faster Time to Market with Nostra Game Host

As an indie developer, production cycles tend to be long drawn. But with Nostra as my game host, I can launch games in a matter of weeks rather than months.

As a game host, their team provides end-to-end support for game publishing – from review and feedback to the actual publishing and post-launch maintenance. With Nostra’s simplified game publishing process, I don’t need to deal with complex app store submissions or approval delays. This greatly accelerates my time to market so I can start monetizing without prolonged waits.

Nostra’s game host platform also lets me test concepts quickly by gathering user feedback from day one. I can incorporate improvements much faster before the game’s full release. The ability to get my game in front of players instantly through their seamless game publishing process is a huge advantage. This game host allows me to optimise my games rapidly based on user input during pre-launch, something invaluable for game publishing success.

Seamless Monetization with Nostra Game Host

Monetization has always been a challenging aspect of game development. However, as a game host, Nostra makes monetization completely effortless through its streamlined game publishing process.

As a game host, their self-serve Inmobi’s ad exchange platform helps me easily integrate ad units without impacting gameplay. I don’t need to worry about the operational overhead of managing ad partnerships and optimisations, which are often complicated in the game publishing industry.

With Nostra’s generous revenue share model offered to games published on their platform, I can now continuously earn revenues as my games gain traction after publishing. The detailed analytics provided by this game host give actionable insights to further boost monetization. I might even recover my game development costs sooner than expected thanks to their simplified approach to game publishing!


Complete Data Visibility on Nostra Game Host

Access to accurate analytics has been a constant struggle, as data often gets fragmented across platforms during game publishing. However, as a game host, Nostra provides complete data visibility for published games that too in a customisable format.

Their developer dashboard as a game host reveals key metrics on player engagement, behaviours, conversions and more for my published games. These granular insights help me make smarter design choices and efficiently grow my games after publishing on their platform.

With Nostra as my game host, I can now clearly understand which game features resonate most with users and double down on those areas through rapid iteration enabled by their advanced analytics. Such data transparency provided by this game host gives me the confidence to continuously refine the gameplay of my published titles based on real user data.

Active Gaming Community on Nostra Game Host

Gaming is as much about social connections as it is about entertainment. As a game host, Nostra allows me to directly engage with highly passionate gamers through features like profiles, streams, discussions and fan clubs for my published games.

Nostra also lets gamers create and share content related to my games which indirectly promotes my published titles. This active ecosystem of community participation, enabled by Nostra as a game host, takes game discoverability to the next level.

Round the Clock Support from Nostra Game Host

Even with the best systems, problems do emerge, needing quick resolutions. As a dependable game host, Nostra provides round-the-clock technical and account management support that ensures I get assistance whenever required during the game publishing process.

As a developer, I can easily get help from Nostra’s team with SDK integration, performance monitoring and troubleshooting for my published games. As a game host, their team even provides suggestions to enhance game features and monetization of titles published on their platform.

Final Takeaway on Nostra as a Game Host

  • As a game host, Nostra enables me to purely focus on building great game experiences while they handle distribution, analytics, community engagement, etc. after publishing
  • Their innovative lock screen gaming model provides all the ingredients I need for successful game publishing – massive reach, quick go-to-market and transparent data analytics.
  • Nostra’s developer-centric approach as a game host makes it the ideal platform for taking the latest games to the next level through their simplified publishing process.
  • Reviewing the benefits makes it clear that every developer should leverage Nostra’s platform for publishing games.
  • They are undoubtedly the game host I never realized I needed for hassle-free and successful game publishing.
  • I’m excited to publish my next title on Nostra first and unlock the true potential of my games through their robust game hosting platform.
  • Nostra eliminates the complexities of game publishing enabling me to deliver great gaming experiences to millions of players.


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