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When it comes time for windshield replacement Tulsa, you may be wondering which one to get: the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or the Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE)? Oklahoma City. Fear not—we’ve got you covered! We’ll explore both choices in-depth in this post to assist you in making an informed decision. Now let’s get comfortable and go out on the path to windshield wisdom!

OEM Windshields

Can you picture receiving a windshield that is exactly the one your car had right off the production line? Exactly what an OEM windshield provides is that. Consider this: OEM windshields are like a match made in heaven for windshields. The same business that created your cherished car’s original windshield also made these. This means that you may anticipate an ideal fit in terms of size, form, and quality. It seems like you’ve found the final piece of the puzzle that gives your car the flawless appearance it deserves. Therefore, you can purchase an OEM windshield with the knowledge that it will fit perfectly and uphold the highest standards of quality. No spaces, no concerns!


  • Reliability and Compatibility: OEM windshields adhere to the exacting standards your car’s manufacturer has established. They are constructed with premium materials for maximum performance and security. 
  • Precise Fit: OEM windshields fit your car perfectly, retaining the original appearance and structural integrity because they are created especially for the make and model of your car.
  • Warranty Coverage: A few automakers provide extended protection for original equipment manufacturer parts, such as windshields. In addition to offering you more peace of mind, this may help you avoid paying for repairs. 

OEE Windshields

Picture getting a similar windscreen to the original one that arrived with your automobile, down to the last detail. Windscreens marked Original Equipment Equivalent (OEE) provide just that. Though they might not appear exactly like the originals, our windscreens are made to meet or even exceed industry requirements. OEE windscreens are designed to offer the same quality and functionality as OEM windscreens, but at a price that is more affordable. For those who own cars, they are a wise and affordable option.


  • Reasonably priced: OEE windshields are a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality because they are frequently less expensive than OEM alternatives. 
  • Widely Available: Because OEE windshields are made by several manufacturers, they are typically easier to find. This can improve convenience and shorten lead times for replacement. 
  • Certified Standards: Reputable OEE producers make sure their windshields fulfill stringent quality requirements by abiding by safety laws and industry standards. 

Choosing the Right Option

How do you choose the best windshield replacement Tulsa now that we’ve discussed the benefits of OEM and OEE models? Think about the following elements:

  • Age and worth of the Vehicle: Choosing an OEM windshield can be the ideal option if you own a high-end or newer vehicle to maintain its uniqueness and worth. An OEE windshield can offer an affordable option for less expensive or older cars without sacrificing safety. 
  • Insurance Coverage: Examine your policy to find out what is and is not covered for windshield replacements. Certain rules might include preferences or requirements about OEM or OEE parts. To ensure you make an informed choice, speak with your insurance provider. 
  • Expert Counsel: Consult with renowned car glass companies’ knowledgeable technicians or other reliable professionals for advice. They can assess the particular requirements of your car and assist you in selecting the best windshield choice for your situation. 

A replacement windshield made by OEM manufacturers is made using original equipment style tools. This kind of windshield will resemble the factory original one on your vehicle and fit snugly in the window frame, thus reducing the likelihood of noise and leak issues. Thus, it makes sense that your dollar goes farther.

To ensure quality and safety, each manufacturer gives out installation instructions that must be carefully followed. This entails appropriately preparing the glass, the car’s body, and—above all—using the right adhesives and priming supplies. At Auto Glass Tulsa, we go to great lengths to guarantee that the proper primers and urethane are used and that the proper curing time is given.


While, looking at both options for wind replacement – Tulsa; OEM, and OEE windshields have benefits of their own, so make your decision wisely. In the end, the decision is based on the age, worth, insurance coverage, and personal preferences of your car. When making your selection, keep in mind that quality, safety, and compatibility are important considerations. Drive with assurance, knowing that the windshield you have chosen fits your needs exactly!


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