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Top Benefits of Field Employee Monitoring Software

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Employee monitoring software solutions are enhancing the way employers track employees’ whereabouts, task status, productivity, working hours, etc. That’s why 60% of companies with remote workers use field employee monitoring software

The software enables real-time employee tracking, helping managers measure the efficiency of field employees. Moreover, the system eliminates the chaos of operating various systems by providing a centralized solution. Using it means easily monitoring employees’ activities, extracting accurate data, and striving to streamline workflow. Here is more for you to learn.

What is Field Employee Monitoring Software?

Field employee monitoring software helps managers track and monitor employees’ on-field activities with the help of GPS technology. The software provides real-time insight into employees’ locations and task status. Thus, letting managers seamlessly make further decisions on task allocation. By using the software, field managers can assess:

  • How many employees are available on the field?
  • Which employees are already occupied with tasks?
  • How are employees utilizing their working hours?
  • Accurate clock-in and clock-out of their employees.
  • Everyday productivity and progress of their employees on the field. 

Benefits of Using Field Employee Monitoring Software?

Here are multiple benefits you receive after churning the most out of your field employee tracking software. 

  1. Increased Productivity 

Research shows that productivity tends to increase by 7% when employees are aware their activities are being tracked and monitored. Employees invest their time more in their specific job roles. This minimizes time-wasting activities and results in higher profits for the organization. 

Another claim by the American Management Association has indicated that employee monitoring can lead to a productivity increase of 22%. All these increase the reliance on field employee monitoring software among various remote operations. 

  1. Prevention of Faulty Attendance  

Field employees are mostly out at their field locations. They are not physically present in front of the managers and use emails or calls to mark their attendance. As there is no proof of employees accurately punching in/out from their specific task’s sites, the chances of faulty attendance marking get lifted. 

But guess what? The best field employee tracking software provides prevention against faulty attendance marking with its:

  • Geocoded clock in/out
  • Visual verification
  • Biometric app login

These three ways help field employees remotely mark their attendance. Also, provide field managers with accurate detail on the coordinate and timestamps of the place from where employees clock in. Ensure to get in touch with the experts of TrackoField to learn more about these three attendance marking methods.

  1. Identify and Resolve Performance Issues 

Employee field tracking also provides a complete insight into employees’ performance. Employers can assess and learn their executives’ productivity levels. Therein, they can evaluate the loopholes and gaps in the process. Certain tools and functionalities within the software equip managers with the ability to analyze employees’ productivity such as: 

  • Distance Traveled Reports

These reports help managers evaluate the total distance traveled by employees during their working hours on the field. Upon analyzing the distance, field managers assess each employee’s productivity level and how proactively they work while on duty. 

  • Target vs. Achievement Reports

In this time and age, it becomes a lot more crucial to gauge the targets achieved against the task allocated. However, you may end up with a futile analysis when using the manual methods. This is where these target vs. achievement reports help. You can use these reports to simply assess individual and team’s progress against the task assigned to them. 

  1. Employee Training and Development

As everything is in front of the managers through which they can measure employees’ productivity, they can easily identify the underutilized employees. Therein, they can provide employees with some training and development programs. The result is upskilled and confident employees. With a new level of confidence received, employees proactively put in their best effort to reach the organization’s goals. Thus, leading to increased workforce productivity and efficiency. 

Moreover, managers can train their employees to use the field employee mobile app to carry out mundane tasks automatically such as: 

  • Attendance Marking
  • Leave Request Submission
  • Expense Bill Upload
  • Order Placement 
  • Self-allocation of Tasks

This way, employees get more time to dedicatedly manage their jobs, which was earlier spent on manual activities. 

  1. Enhanced Communication and Collaboration 

Last but not least, this is another advantage of using the field employee tracking software. The software provides a consolidated place where all team members communicate with each other to commence tasks and ensure their timely deliveries. 

As all their chats are stored in one place, employees don’t have to rely on different communication models like WhatsApp and Emails. Whether it be a manager or any employee, they can simply converse over deadlines, meetings, and appointments in this field employee monitoring software.

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To Sum it Up! 

So, these are the reasons showcasing the importance of having field employee monitoring software for improved workforce efficiency and productivity. Using the software ensures real-time employee tracking and monitoring on the field. Field managers by having the system in place can understand and analyze visual data to make further decisions. 

However, if you want to test the software by yourself on your field operations, then don’t hesitate to try TrackoField for free. TrackoField, being the field employee tracking software encompasses various modules like: 

  • Attendance & leave management system
  • Task management system
  • Expense management system
  • Payroll management system
  • Order management system

All these make employee monitoring a seamless procedure. Sign up to use TrackoField for free to learn more. 


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