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On-Chain Analysis 2024

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In the fast-evolving crypto landscape, making informed decisions is crucial for success. With the growth in complexity and diversity, crypto enthusiasts and traders need reliable tools that provide insights, trends, and data-driven perspectives. This guide explores the top on-chain analysis tools for 2024, highlighting their capabilities and how they empower users to make intelligent decisions.

What is On-Chain Analysis?

On-chain analysis combines technical and fundamental analysis to craft more informed crypto trading strategies. It scrutinizes a crypto’s transaction history, network activity, hash rates, market sentiment, and ownership patterns. By compiling these indicators, traders gain a comprehensive view of crypto dynamics, enabling more data-driven decisions and adaptation to the market.

Top On-Chain Analysis Tools for 2024


Glassnode stands out as a prominent on-chain analysis tool, offering invaluable insights through on-chain indicators. Established in 2018, it enhances the research journey of crypto traders by providing comprehensive market intelligence and pertinent data. Glassnode’s extensive array of applications introduces innovative methods to stay informed about market fluctuations. The platform is renowned for its in-depth reports on market indicators across various cryptos, offering a treasure trove of charts and dashboards.

Glassnode provides detailed insights into address activity, balances, growth, supply, and hodlers. With over 200 metrics for comprehensive analysis and customizable dashboards, users can track preferred metrics for specific coins. Its integration with TradingView allows seamless analysis, while its rich historical dataset spanning over a decade provides context for market trends. These features make Glassnode indispensable for traders seeking to make data-driven decisions in 2024.


Santiment is a comprehensive market analytics tool that elevates the trading journey with accurate data feeds, low-latency signals, custom market watches, alerts, and flexible chart layouts. Celebrated for delivering newsletters, reviews, and market reports, Santiment offers a suite of on-chain analysis tools, including Sandbase, enabling users to access and analyze charts for a wide range of cryptos. This platform harnesses on-chain, social, and development metrics, helping users make informed decisions.

Santiment’s ability to identify emerging social trends within the crypto space is invaluable. Users can configure customized alerts to detect potential malicious activities swiftly and create personalized watchlists for weekly coin updates. Additionally, Santiment provides insights and behavioral reports from its team of crypto analysts, offering a deep understanding of market movements. In 2024, Santiment stands as a valuable asset for traders and investors alike.


Messari offers a range of essential features for exploring the crypto landscape, making it an excellent resource for crypto enthusiasts. This platform provides free charting services, long-form weekly reports, and downloadable CSV data. What sets Messari apart is its daily insights, which comprehensively cover key sectors in the crypto sphere, including DeFi, Metaverse, Web3, and NFTs. The platform equips users with diverse charts, screeners, watchlists, and reports.

Messari’s detailed statistics include volume, liquidity, on-chain data, staking information, supply metrics, and market capitalization. Traders can access critical statistics for in-depth chart analysis and reviews. By offering valuable tools for comprehensive on-chain analysis, Messari remains a prominent choice for those seeking to understand and navigate the crypto market in 2024.


Nansen is a blockchain analytics platform known for its unique combination of on-chain data and wallet labeling. It provides real-time dashboards and alerts, offering invaluable insights into the dynamic crypto market. Nansen’s features include the Wallet Profiler, ETH tracker, DEX trades data, and downloadable CSV data. Advanced analytics for pattern recognition and price forecasting are also available, making it a versatile tool for traders.

Nansen caters to both crypto experts and newcomers, providing customizable smart alerts and tailored reports to discover emerging trends. The platform supports real-time on-chain data covering Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and more. Its extensive wallet labeling provides insights into various crypto assets, while detailed dashboards uncover trends in NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. In 2024, Nansen is essential for identifying emerging trends and making informed trading decisions.


Dune stands out as a blockchain analytics tool that simplifies Ethereum data querying with the ease of SQL. Instead of coding elaborate scripts, users can harness premade databases and execute straightforward SQL queries to access a wealth of blockchain information. Widely recognized for its proficiency in Ethereum blockchain research, Dune offers a seamless way to explore on-chain data using query codes.

Dune’s extraction process organizes blockchain data into SQL databases, ready for efficient querying. This allows users to break down data for easy comprehension and visualization, including charts and graphs. Access to a plethora of metrics enables in-depth on-chain data analysis, making Dune a must-have tool for anyone delving into blockchain analytics in 2024.


Etherscan is a reliable and widely recognized on-chain analytical tool designed for the Ethereum blockchain. True to its name, it serves as a blockchain explorer, providing easy access to real-world data and transaction details, including both pending and confirmed transactions. Etherscan facilitates the monitoring of transaction activities on the Ethereum network, enabling users to swiftly identify any signs of fraudulent or suspicious behavior.

Key features of Etherscan include early trend identification, such as Ethereum airdrops, and comprehensive technical reports from Ethereum developers. Users can track gas fees in real-time and set customizable alerts for transactions and significant activities. Detailed exploration of public Ethereum wallet addresses and in-depth analysis of transaction blocks, tokens, and more make Etherscan an essential tool for Ethereum analysis in 2024.


IntoTheBlock isn’t just an on-chain analytics platform; it’s a trailblazing data science tech company at the forefront of the crypto industry. Leveraging cutting-edge AI research, IntoTheBlock simplifies on-chain analysis for both novice and expert traders, offering a wealth of features at a highly affordable price point. Founded in 2018 by Jesus Rodriguez, this Miami-based company unites data scientists, crypto experts, and AI enthusiasts to demystify crypto assets and furnish investors with invaluable market intelligence.

IntoTheBlock provides artificial intelligence-powered price predictions, data on over 900 assets with diverse metrics, and advanced DeFi analytics. It also offers access to data from capital markets, including indices, stocks, ETFs, commodities, spot, and derivatives trading. Comprehensive NFT analytics further enhance the platform’s offerings. In 2024, IntoTheBlock stands out as a crucial resource for investors seeking deep insights into the crypto market.


CryptoQuant is a versatile on-chain analytics tool that delivers market and on-chain data via API or other data analytics platforms. In 2024, CryptoQuant is a go-to source for comprehensive insights into popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoins, and ERC20 tokens. The platform offers overview charts for quick insights and exchange overflow data, along with Pro charts for advanced analysis.

Alert notifications keep users informed about significant market movements, while various metrics like the Flow Indicator and Miner Flow enable detailed examination of on-chain data. CryptoQuant also provides tools to stay vigilant against potential scams, ensuring a secure trading experience. For traders and investors seeking reliable on-chain insights, CryptoQuant remains a valuable resource in 2024.


On-chain analysis tools are essential for navigating the dynamic crypto market. Tools like Glassnode, Santiment, Messari, Nansen, Dune, Etherscan, IntoTheBlock, and CryptoQuant offer unique features that empower traders with insights, trends, and data-driven perspectives. By leveraging these tools, crypto enthusiasts can make informed decisions and optimize their investment strategies in 2024.


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