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Digital marketing aims for the same goal as traditional marketing where selling and promoting a service includes sectors like communication, design and advertising with an emphasis on digital delivery. Digital marketers target people through digital platforms and websites instead of billboards and magazine adverts.

Needless to say, now is an ideal time for anyone interested in pursuing digital marketing as a career. As more businesses employ digital marketing strategies, digital marketing experts of all stripes are high in demand. In this article, we’ll explain what kind of digital marketing jobs are available for you if you are just starting out so let’s get into it.

1.    Data Analyst

This digital marketing job comes with the duties of gathering, cleaning, processing and analyzing data to resolve issues and provide solutions. A data analyst converts unprocessed marketing metrics into user-friendly dashboards for data visualization, which are subsequently converted into actionable steps for the company’s decision-makers.

To carry out their duties, data analysts will use statistical tools and computer systems. In order to create innovative and effective marketing strategies they conduct market research, spot important trends and patterns, analyze the information and present their conclusions to the marketing team. Data analysts help businesses modify and enhance their strategic planning for better marketing outcomes by identifying important trends and providing a visual representation of the data.

2.    Content Writer

A content writer produces unique and interesting content to increase the publicity of a brand or a business. This information is presented on the business’s website in a variety of ways including blog entries, social media posts and marketing copy that draws in potential visitors.

Content writers in web3 digital marketing have to be adept in conducting industry-related research and producing interesting content using the information they find. They collaborate closely with the editors in the content team to check and make required improvement in the content once they are done with the drafts. Together they work to remove the grammar and spelling mistakes and improve the readability of the content.

Furthermore, content writers are also responsible for making sure that their work is devoid of any typos and that it adheres to the team’s rules for tone and style. Therefore if you have the required expertise then this may be the right digital marketing career for you to pursue.

3.    Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for overseeing a company’s social media accounts and creating a strong online presence. They provide material for social media channels and also organize an editorial calendar.

This digital marketing role requires you to collaborate with the marketing and sales departments to advertise the company’s goods and services in accordance with their strategy on various social media platforms. In order to keep the business current and up-to-date, social media managers are also in charge of investigating marketing and social media trends. They also keep an eye out for significant developments and chances to further improve the brand marketing on social media.

4.    Email Marketing Manager

An email marketing specialist sends emails to clients who have subscribed to the business’s newsletter, hence promoting the business. These emails are part of the company’s digital marketing initiatives and inform the recipients of offers, discounts and updates.

Email marketing comprises the digital marketing specialist who sends out newsletters using email automation tools in an effort to nurture prospects and build brand awareness. In addition to delivering emails, they are frequently in charge of creating the email marketing campaign’s content.

They draft the advertising language and collaborate closely with graphic designers to produce a campaign that is visually appealing to new and existing customers. They also track the effectiveness of different email campaigns and conduct market research to gain insight into client needs.

These experts of digital marketing then use this information to create more effective campaigns in the future. They could also be in charge of email list compilation, maintenance, and purging, email follow-up, and even direct email correspondence with clients.

5.    Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create and blend textual and graphical elements of various types of content for a brand. A graphic designer must provide diversity in each design they create while upholding a cohesive and consistent brand image.

Additionally they have to guarantee that all graphics, including the fonts and color, adhere to the company’s design template and rules. This is essential because people typically identify and relate specific brands with specific colors and themes.

A graphic designer must also have a good understanding of color composition and layout to create visually appealing graphics. If you have the creative skills that are required to become an aspiring graphic designer then this digital marketing job is for you.


Digital marketing jobs are some of the most lucrative ones due to the constantly changing nature of the crypto industry. Nowadays, the majority of firms operate both digitally and physically, with social media accounts or websites serving as the bare minimum for online lead generation.

When it comes to employment opportunities, a lot of business owners have had to rely on digital solutions to stay afloat. Therefore, it’s expected that there will be a further increase in demand for careers in digital marketing.

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