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One of the most vital features of your face is your nose. Your nose bridge shape, the sharpness of the tip, etc, are deciding factors that determine your side profile, face appearance, and overall looks. As a result, many people change their nose features to make a prominent difference in their facial appearance. Various invasive and semi-invasive procedures are in practice that can change your facial appearance in a big way. Among the different approaches, liquid rhinoplasty is a popular approach. 

The treatment approach

Liquid rhinoplasty or temporary rhinoplasty is a secure cosmetic treatment which is good for men and women of diverse ages. Dermal fillers help to change the nose shape in liquid rhinoplasty. This cosmetic surgery procedure is one of the most convenient options for people to change their nose appearance without undergoing an invasive treatment. Treatment results can last as long as six months from the treatment session. Sometimes, this beauty procedure is called a liquid nose job.

Summarizing affectivity

If you want to compare liquid rhinoplasty with traditional rhinoplasty, the former will have a few differences. A liquid nose job is a perfect approach that temporarily smooths your nose bumps and changes some of your nose features. The following are some occasions when you can try liquid rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of your nose.

  • Increase your nose volume.
  • Sharpen your nose tip.
  • Smoothen your nose bumps and lumps.
  • Alter your nose bridge.
  • Straighten a crooked nose.

Some people opt for a liquid nose job to know how their nose looks after a permanent surgical procedure. Traditional rhinoplasty is safe and can give you permanent nose changes. It is imperative to understand that a liquid nose job can alter your nose’s appearance and add to its volume but will not be able to make it look any smaller. A perfectly done liquid rhinoplasty is one of the best ways to give a balanced and proportionate nose look and add to your facial features. Temporary rhinoplasty can make your nose look much more symmetrical.

Select your clinic prudently

For a perfect nose job, you must go to the best dermatologist surgeons, and experts. One of the best ways to find top-grade skin specialists and surgeons is to visit top-rated skin clinics. These clinics can offer you a massive range of beauty and cosmetic procedures like facelift surgeries, new age specialized facial procedures, varicose vein treatment, liposuction, etc. Some of the best vein clinics near me will have a panel of top-rated dermatologists who can help you with the perfect nose job. As a result, do your research carefully and opt for only top-rated Skin Clinics for the procedure.

We liquid rhinoplasty work

Since liquid rhinoplasty is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure, dermal filler, like a gel-like ingredient containing hyaluronic acid, helps to change your nose shape and appearance to a massive extent. These fillers can add volume to your nose since it is injected just beneath your skin and can remove all the irregular bumps on your nose skin to give it a smooth and symmetrical look. Since we are talking about a temporary procedure, the effects of this procedure will last for as long as six months or a little more.

Things to expect in a rhinoplasty

A temporary rhinoplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure where the steps are standard from the beginning and are regular in every case. Your health provider will initially apply topical anaesthesia to numb your nose skin area. In the second step, they will inject dermal fillers, a gel-like substance mostly made of hyaluronic acid, in the specific area where you wish to change your nose appearance. In some cases, your doctor can use botulinum injections for the purpose. A liquid rhinoplasty takes about 45 minutes or less to complete.

Safe procedure

The side effects of this treatment are negligible. If the patient does experience some side effects, it gets better as the body recovers from the treatment. The side effects emerge and subside within 24 to 48 hours of the surgery. Some common side effects of liquid rhinoplasty are sensitivity in the treatment area, redness, bruising, swelling, nausea, and shifting of the filler materials to other parts of your face. You can contact your doctor if there is any problem, and he will guide you through every situation.

Advantages of the temporary cosmetic procedure

Before you decide whether you wish to do a temporary rhinoplasty for your nose, you must understand and summarize the advantages of the procedure. To begin with, it does not require any downtown. You can experience immediate results from the procedure. The changes are not permanent. Hence, if you are unhappy with the results, they will stay with you for just six months, and you can again plan a new nose look in the next session. Since liquid rhinoplasty is not a fully pledged surgery, there are no threats of scarring or incision on your skin.


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