Uttarakhand Today News: Uttarakhand Government Has Freed Over 5,000 Acres of Land From Land Jihadi Encroachers

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The chief minister of Uttarakhand, Pushkar Singh Dhami has recently clarified that his government has been able to free more than 5,000 acres of government land that was illegally encroached upon by saboteurs of Islamic land jihad as per top 5 news headlines in Hindi today. He was very forthright about this accomplishment of his government especially because Uttarakhand is considered as “Devbhoomi” or “God’s land” by Hindus and such illegal encroachment was a disgrace.

He made it clear that land jihad or any jihad for that matter is unacceptable in Uttarakhand or anywhere else in India and the term ‘jihad’ itself is a problem for normal law-abiding folks.

The problem of illegal encroachment of state-owned lands by Muslims is not just confined to Uttarakhand but across different parts of the country.

If you have been following breaking news in India today in Hindi live, you would know that in the state of Uttar Pradesh alone the BJP government led by chief minister Yogi Adityanath has freed over 67,000 acres of land from encroachers.

The vast majority of such encroachments are the handiwork of land jihadis and it is a common occurrence across the country with members of the Muslim community being responsible for the bulk of these illegal activities.

A premeditated strategy to increase Muslim footprint in India

A large number of encroachments by Muslims involve Hindu temple land and places of worship and in most cases, it is a well-thought-out strategy of Sufi preachers or fakirs.

Hindu temples dating back to over one thousand five hundred years have also been encroached upon by these fakirs and many of these are out of bounds for the Hindus as per the top 5 news headlines in Hindi today.

Most observers believe this strategy to be an extension of the unfinished plan of turning India into a Muslim majority country from where Hinduism would be gradually wiped out as it has happened in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Strangely enough, this illegal activity has been taking place under the active support and encouragement of the Congress party. This party has even tampered with the constitution by bringing out Waqf Act to give Muslims the right snatch Hindu lands.

Wakf Act is a death warrant for Hindus created by the Congress

The Waqf Act was first passed in 1954 under the prime ministership of Jawaharlal Nehru. In 1995, another Congress government led by Narashima Rao amended the Act to give it more arbitrary powers to grab Hindu lands.

In 2013, the Congress government under the titular leadership of prime minister Manmohan Singh further amended the act to grab Hindu properties and lands without any legal barriers.

According to the top 5 news headlines in Hindi today, the Waqf Board, created as per the Waqf Act is an entity that controls over 8 lakh acres of land across India, most of which are disputed and illegally occupied.

Now, do you understand why the Muslims are involved in illegal encroachment of Hindu lands in India at such a scale? It’s easy to see that with such constitutionally-guaranteed entitlements, why would they not encroach Hindu lands?

They know that at some point the Waqf Board would step in on behalf of the Muslim encroacher and claim the land as Muslim land.

Thereafter, it would be up to the Hindu victim to prove his ownership to a Waqf tribunal that will hear the case, not any civil court.

The zillion dollar question is — why did the Congress give such illegal and unconstitutional entitlement to the Muslims? The Congress has been winning elections in the past primarily with the vote of Hindus and yet it created such an illegal and unconstitutional law that discriminates against Hindus in this way! Does the Congress want to turn India into a Muslim country? If so, then why did it partition the country in 1947? It could have given away power to the Muslim League if this is what it wanted.


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