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If you are searching for classic college town vibes with a beautiful community, there is no place better than the beautiful Clemson. It is situated in Pickens County. Clemson is situated in this beautiful area, which is nestled against the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it is part of the Greenville- Spartanburg- Anderson Metro Area. This place is recognized as the home of Clemson University which is a spectacular town offering the students with some of the reasonable housing, a wide range of jobs, and also a lot of sunny weather.  

Who lives in Clemson?  

Currently, this city is home to more than 15,000 people who provide the area with a distinct small-town feel. Because of the huge number of different college students across the area. The median age of the city is around 23 years old. At the same time, around one-third of the residents are married and more than 40 percent of the local population is made up of families with young kids. Owing to the University, Clemson is acknowledged to have an inordinate amalgam of the locals and the newcomers in the area. Around 58 percent of the adults staying over here have a bachelor’s degree or more. As the number of students is increasing day by day, there has been an increasing number of student accommodation Clemson. So, where you can find the best accommodations? Let’s check out the neighborhoods:  


  • City Center: More than two-thirds of the city center consists of students. So, if you want to stay with the student population, then the city center is the right place to be. Those who want to stay here can find a wide range of small to medium-sized apartments for rent. Most of the apartments near here were built between the years 1970 and 1999.  
  • Patrick Square: Another great place to stay in Patrick Square. It is a master-planned community that is quite close to the downtown. Here you can find a great blend of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities. it is a thoughtfully designed neighborhood and it features a great blend of single-family homes, townhomes, and apartments along with retail shops, restaurants, and more. The residences over here feature some spacious front porches, gorgeous landscaping, and whatnot. It is a perfect place for students who are looking for an extravagant experience. 
  • Calhoun: Another great neighborhood that you need to choose is Calhoun. It is one of the finest places if you are searching for a slower pace than the typical college-focused areas. This neighborhood is one of the best fits. Here the students can find a wide range of off-campus student apartments Clemson which are added with a lot of amenities. Here you can find a great blend of renters and homeowners. Calhoun is quite close to Clemson University but it is enough far too so that you can escape all the hustle and bustle of campus life.  
  • Ashley Estate: This friendly neighborhood is known to have a wide range of houses of different styles and sizes. Great locality and a lot of amenities make this one of the best choices for families with any budget.  
  • Camelot: Named after King Arthur’s renowned land, this wooden neighborhood offers the student a great blend of natural beauty as well as privacy for those who want to go for a tranquil escape. The area is conveniently situated close to the Route 123. It is one of the best places to find the right kind of accommodation for yourself.  
  • State Highway: It is not tough to find student accommodation in Clemson particularly when you are viewing the State Highway. Most of the population of this neighborhood consists of college students, which makes it one of the premium areas to stay in Clemson. Many of the neighborhood’s old homes are turned into apartments which provide them an extensive look as well as feel.  
  • Downtown: Positioned in the heart of the city, Downtown offers the students a feisty urban lifestyle with a assortment of residential, commercial as well as performing options. This beautiful neighborhood is home to Clemson University which provides it with a lively atmosphere where you can find cafes, shops as well as restaurants. Residents over here can easily have convenient access to a wide range of amenities and fun attractions. From parks and green spaces, this place is one of the best. The neighborhood is also identified for its stunning nightlife where you can find prevalent bars and live music venues which draw crowds with the infinitely energetic atmosphere.  

Final Thoughts  

In the end, selecting the best kind of neighborhood is a deeply personal decision that depends completely on different factors, which comprise different lifestyle preferences, budgets, as well as needs of an individual. Whether you are drawn to the urban atmosphere of downtown Clemson, the amenities of the new place, or the scenic beauty, Clemson has the right neighborhood to suit every taste and budget. So, explore all the options to find out the best option for you.  


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