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Terrazzo is on the verge of replacing all other items. This is what the interior designers feel. From educational institutions to healthcare facilities, even the most significant airports have started switching to terrazzo floor tiles. But some people think Terrazzo might not be a worthy choice. 

Terrazzo flooring tiles have unique features that users can enjoy. But, some misconceptions also stop people from making a switch. Let us look at all the misconceptions that people have about terrazzo tiles.

What is Terrazzo Tile?

This is a common question that must be addressed. At the same time, it can be the name of a place or a person. But this blog is about flooring material. The terrazzo flooring material contains aggregates that set perfectly over a concrete surface. It is also very polished, just like a smooth surface.

The flooring material has been in existence for more than 500 years. Yet, some people think this material is not worthy for their flooring purposes. However, it has been noted that once a person becomes fascinated with terrazzo tiles, they never change their minds to any other material subsequently.

Since hardwood and carpet flooring are more common, people tend to stick to the prevailing options. They never think of making a switch and thus always find hardwood materials an ideal option for flooring. 

However, terrazzo tiles come with many benefits that a person might not know. So, without listening to others, stick with your choice and make a wiser decision of getting terrazzo flooring for your house. 

People think TerrazzoTerrazzo is an expensive option.

The cost of the material plays a crucial role. It helps in determining the type of flooring tile you would want for your house. While individuals think terrazzo flooring tiles are expensive. It is the other way around. Terrazzo tiles are cost-effective. But, if you need justification for this statement, you will have to look at the long-term benefits of TerrazzoTerrazzo. 

Floor tiles made of terrazzo are long-lasting. This product can last a very long time with little upkeep. It is due to the material’s longevity, ease of use, and durability. Compared to other flooring options available, Terrazzo is indeed more cheaper. 

Terrazzo is an Ancient Material

Terrazzo is indeed a 15th-century product. It was introduced when the Venetian workers knew how to reuse the marble chips into finished products. Modern interior designers create amazing designs with terrazzo tiles to make the flooring look beautiful. And people should not relate to TerrazzoTerrazzo being ancient. Because with the slightest of changes or restorations being done, TerrazzoTerrazzo can look new. Nowadays, this flooring option offers customers a wide range of design capabilities and options.

Terrazzo is a glamorous flooring option.

While many think that Terrazzo is an ancient tile, some also feel that there is no glamorous and better option available apart from Terrazzo. It has an aesthetic appeal and looks very beautiful. This is pretty understandable because Terrazzo is now installed in most fancy hotels and restaurants. But, you need not be required to be a business owner or a celebrity to install Terrazzo. This is a type of tile that anyone can own. Be it a commercial or a residential building, Terrazzo is beneficial for all.


While there are misconceptions regarding terrazzo tiles. People should not go with the misconceptions. Instead, they should test TerrazzoTerrazzo as an option for their house flooring. It is among the greatest and most exquisite flooring choices available, enhancing the flooring’s quality while also improving its appearance. So, install terrazzo tiles at your house and enjoy its benefits. Reach out to Super Terrazzo and get your products without any hassle.


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