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What are the leading textile supplier brands in the world?

In today’s globalized world, a country’s textile sector is critical to its economic prosperity. When it comes to the global textile industry, several leading brands stand out as top textile suppliers. Companies like TJX Companies, Ralph Lauren Co., Li & Fung, Vardhman Textiles, and Far Eastern New Century Corporation are recognized for their high-quality products and extensive reach in the market.  In 2022, the worth of textile supplies increased by 13%, to $573.22 billion, from the previous year. The HS code for textiles is 5911. Data on textile exports suggest that debt for textile firms accounts for 15% of total export revenues, 2% of GDP, and more than 7% of output. It has a significant impact on textile exports, both domestically and globally. In this article, we will explore the leading textile supplier brands around the world also biggest textile exporter  countries statistics: China leads with $303 billion in 2022, followed by Bangladesh ($57.7 billion) and Vietnam ($48.8 billion)

Rapid Transformation in the Textile Supplying Market

The leading textile supplier brands take work to locate. Whether you want to be an entrepreneur or simply sell clothing online, you need to understand that connecting with the appropriate manufacturers is critical to the success of your apparel business. You may have a niche in mind, clothing designs, or clothing products you want to sell, but you are unsure where to begin or how to have your textiles created. The Global Textile Supply Market size and share revenue was estimated to be $4.7 billion in 2022, $4.9 billion in 2023, and $6.8 billion by 2032, with a CAGR of 3.8% between 2023 and 2032. The report includes sales, revenues, and strategies for key market players such as Lenzing Group, Birla Cellulose, BLS Ecotech, The Woolmark Company, pinquito Ltd., Ecotex Group, The Boer Group, Unifi Inc., Textile Recycling International, Hyosung Group, Martex Fiber, RenewCell, Pistoni S.r.l, RE TEXTIL Deutschland GmbH, Worn Again Technologies, and others.

What are the trends to look out for in the textile industry in 2024?

From 2023 to 2033, the global textile supply market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.5%. The market’s rise can be attributed to rising demand for textiles in a variety of sectors, including fashion and clothing, as well as home items. Furthermore, an increasing emphasis on sanitation and cleanliness is driving an increase in worldwide textile consumption. The textile industry is expected to undergo dramatic changes by 2024, owing to a trend towards value-added and functional textiles. As customer preferences shift, there is an increasing desire for textiles that not only look good but also serve certain functions. This change represents a divergence from traditional textiles, as manufacturers increasingly prioritize incorporating innovative technologies and sustainable materials into their products. From smart fabrics with embedded sensors to antimicrobial textiles, the industry is adopting innovations that improve both design and function.

Who are the textile supplier brands that lead the textile market?

The leading textile-supplying brands, based on their 2022 annual export revenue, are:

1. TJX Companies (USA): $48.55 billion

2. Toray Industries (Japan): $19.83 billion

3. V.F. Corporation (USA): $11.84 billion

4. Zalando SE (Germany): $11.20 billion

5. PVH Corporation (USA): $9.155 billion

6. Lululemon Athletica (Canada): $6.26 billion

7. Ralph Lauren Corporation (USA): $6.22 billion

8. Under Armor (USA): $5.80 billion

9. Prada (Italy): $4.4 billion

10. Shenzhou International Group Holdings (China): $3.30 billion

How to find quality textile suppliers online?

Textile suppliers in top textile markets like Bangladesh, China, India, and other countries can match your business requirements at a low cost. TradeImeX makes it easier to find great discounts on international textiles online. Using our resources, you may connect with trustworthy and reasonably priced textile suppliers all around the world. TradeImeX makes it easier to locate a large number of overseas textile manufacturers. Please contact us at info@tradeimex.in for more information on textile manufacturers and suppliers online.

Bottom Line

The biggest textile supplier brands have distinct advantages and contribute significantly to the global textile industry. As the textile industry matures and changes, these foreign brands are projected to remain significant players and top suppliers of textiles, supporting innovation, job creation, and economic development.


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