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You must have noticed several trends in the trading sector. New trading platforms with research facilities have emerged in 2023. Not to forget, many stockbrokers use AI to generate investment insights for traders. Trading is no more limited to individuals with deep pockets in India. Many retail investors have emerged in the past few years in India. These trends hint at what trading might look like in the future. Investors must know about the trading trends to stay afloat in the market. For instance, traders who did not shift to digital trading after its launch found it hard to survive in the market. It is why you must keep a tab on the latest happenings in the trading sector. Let us discuss the future of online trading in India in detail.

What Exactly is Online Trading?

Before discussing the future, let us discuss a few things about online trading. Online trading is the buying and selling of securities via electronic platforms provided by brokers or financial institutions. The trading platform could be a mobile application, desktop app, or web-based portal. These trading platforms allow investors to buy and sell securities on stock exchanges. They also allow investors to explore Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), ETFs, mutual funds, and much more. Before online trading, investors had to indulge in physical trading.

You don’t even have to carry physical trade certificates with online trading. You can apply for a Demat account and store securities in digital format. Investors must also apply for an online trading account to buy/sell securities. Both these accounts are accessed via the electronic trading platform. There are several types of trading accounts available in India. For instance, you can apply for an online equity trading account to buy/sell shares. Similarly, there are commodity, currency, derivative, and intraday trading accounts.

What Future Holds for Online Trading in India?

Here are some points to note regarding the future of online trading in India:

Increased Demand for Discount Brokers

Discount brokers must be credited for the increase in the number of retail investors in the country. Trading is now no more limited to those with deep pockets. Anyone can start online trading with the help of a discount broker. Discount brokers offer investment services at a significantly lower rate than full-service brokers. The brokerage will be a minimal flat fee or a small percentage of the total trade value. It allows small investors to make trades and earn profits. Investment experts have predicted the growth of discount brokers in the future. Trading will become a common practice in the coming years.

High-end Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are not just for buying and selling securities. They are completely digitised today and help investors with research. These trading platforms offer advanced charting, technical analysis, benchmarking, and other facilities. Also, trading platforms have become more personalised to meet individual investment needs. Many brokers offer specialised trading platforms with intuitive UI for new investors. These trading platforms will continue to evolve and offer more services in the future.

Use of AI for Trading

Many brokers are already offering AI-based trading platforms for insightful trading. Artificial Intelligence has already made its impact in many sectors. Traders are now also leveraging the power of AI to make informed decisions. High-end AI algorithms can analyse different stocks and company portfolios within seconds. Large amounts of trading data can be categorised and analysed in quick succession. The use of predictive AI for trading will increase in the future. Many trading platforms are already using it to predict investment opportunities for new traders. These platforms offer signals to investors based on extensive research and analysis, which is automated.

In a Nutshell

Online trading is the present and future in India. It saves time and is accessible to everyone, from institutional to retail investors. You can start by applying for an online trading account with Religare Broking, a reputed stockbroker. Start investing today!

Divya Dixit

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