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Email programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Zimbra, Outlook Express, Zoho Mail, The Bat, and many more are used for email correspondence. These clients all share the ability to handle EML file formats. However, they choose to backup to PDF file format when they wish to make a copy of all these emails. As a result, you can observe many ways to convert EML files, attachments, and other mailbox things to PDF. You have two options: utilize the EML to PDF Converter software right away or follow a manual procedure.


The Main Differences Between EML and PDF

Let’s examine the differences between these file types before moving on to the ways to convert EML files to PDF.

EML File Format

EML file types are used by Windows Live Mail and numerous other email clients, including Thunderbird, Mozilla, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, and many more. Keeping only one email message at a time is beneficial. Each email message is handled as a distinct file. The core body of these files contains hyperlinks, plain ASCII text, and other attachments that are saved as part of the EML file.

PDF Layout

A file document that can have any number of fonts and images of any length is called a PDF, or portable document format. The PDF file format was developed by Adobe and is specifically suited for e-book creation. Documents are frequently presented and exchanged using PDF files, which are not dependent on any particular hardware, program, or operating system.

Conversion of EML to PDF is Required.

It is evident from the case above that the two formats are very dissimilar from one another. Email messages are stored in one, and content from documents or files is stored in the other. Therefore, the user must be aware of the EML to PDF conversion process if they wish to go from EML to PDF file format. Furthermore, as a person proficient in technology, I know this is a difficult process. Let’s now talk about the different motivations behind this conversion.

  • The EML files are more safe in a PDF document that can be viewed without any issues. 
  • You can save several EML files in one location as a backup. The PDF data is not accessible to an uninvited user.
  • You will receive the complete email along with all additional attachments in a single document after completing this conversion.

As you can see, I’ve discussed the necessity of converting EML files to PDF format here. In addition, I’ll go over how EML files are converted to PDF files.

How to Convert Attached EML Files to PDF Format

I will discuss the process of converting EML files to PDF files in this section. I’ll proceed in two ways: manually and professionally.

  1. Batch EML to PDF Conversion Using the Built-in Features of Microsoft Outlook
  2. Using Microsoft Word, save EML files as PDFs.
  3. Use Mozilla Thunderbird to convert an EML file to a PDF.
  4. Direct EML-to-PDF conversion with a third-party tool

For your better understanding, I have provided an overview of the subjects and will go over them in more detail later. Simply follow the steps and do each one sequentially.

EML to PDF Batch Conversion Using Microsoft Outlook’s Built-In Utility

  • The built-in utility tool in Microsoft Outlook enables users to convert EML files to PDF files. You need to have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC to do this. The procedures to convert EML to PDF with attachments are listed below.
  • Launch Microsoft Outlook, then choose any old EML email file that you wish to convert to PDF format.
  • Select “save as tag” from the file menu in this instance.
  • Select the HTML format now to save the file to any location on your computer.
  • Navigating to the Office button, choose Save As.
  • Lastly, choose to save the EML file in PDF format.

I’ve completed the manual EML-to-PDF file conversion process. I’ll also go over some additional methods for converting EML files to PDF files.

Use Microsoft Word to save EML files as PDFs.

All you have to do is follow and comprehend the steps outlined below if you’re searching for a way to convert EML to PDF with attachments.

  • Select the file that you wish to save.
  • Simply right-click on the selected file.
  • Next, open a specific file in Microsoft Word.
  • Select Office from the button in the upper-left corner.
  • In addition, select the Save As option and look for add-ins for additional file formats based on your needs. Ultimately, EML files will be saved in PDF format.

This process will provide you with an answer on how to convert EML files to PDF files. I will also assist you in converting EML files to PDF files with attachments.

EML-to-PDF conversion with Mozilla Thunderbird

The majority of users favor using Mozilla Thunderbird, a widely used webmail client. Simply adhere to the instructions listed below.

  • Launch the local Thunderbird application.
  • The next step is to export the EML files to the Thunderbird program.
  • Select the folders containing EML emails, then right-click on them.
  • Select ImportExportTools NG > Export All Messages within the designated folder.
  • Click on the PDF to save it.
  • Select the place where you would like your EML email data to be stored by clicking the Browse option.
  • At the end, save the EML files to PDFs by clicking the OK button.

Although the aforementioned method for converting EML to PDF is simple to use, there can still be some problems throughout the conversion process. If users want to convert EML to PDF with attachments, they cannot use this method. Furthermore, it is very tough to redo the entire process if you wish to convert more than two or three files. As you can see, I did highlight a few restrictions when using the manual technique. You can utilize the third-party utility if you wish to avoid any problems.

EML-to-PDF Direct Conversion Using a Third-Party Program

The third-party tool I mentioned before is called Softaken EML to PDF Converter Software. This highly effective and versatile tool facilitates converting Bulk EML/EMLX files to PDF Format with Attachments. You can find a solution to any problem to eliminate such obstacles, allowing you to convert an unlimited number of EML files to PDF files at the same time with no limitations. You only need to follow the instructions to convert EML to PDF with attachments for a better understanding.

How to Convert EML to PDF

  • Select the single file or multiple file option, download the software, and execute it locally.
  • Next, select the EML file you wish to convert, then press the Next button.
  • After proceeding, you have the option to view the selected EML files and select the Next button.
  • From the selection, choose PDF as the saving format.
  • Next, select the “Convert” button.


I have therefore covered every simple and free way to convert EML to PDF in this handset. Additionally, I’ve covered every benefit and drawback of the manual method, so you must consider them all before choosing one. To solve these problems, however, you can choose the simplest, most adaptable, and most trustworthy method possible by using EML to PDF Converter Software, which will enable you to convert EML to PDF indefinitely at once and without any limitations.


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